Why all the noise at Christmas?

What about all the noise and commotion surrounding Christmas?

Does it really take away from the true meaning and spirit of the event?

There is so much organization and activity. People are so busy running here and there.

What ultimate good is it all?

I for one like the activity that is reserved for this season of the year. Going to the shopping malls, seeing the beautiful sights and to hear the Christmas carols gently playing in the background really lifts my spirits.

You might be interested to know that the Jewish people were very fond of celebrations and parties. They had lots of festivals throughout each calendar year. Some were appointed by God and some, like Hannakuk, they created themselves.

There was lots of food, wine and merry making. They really knew how to party in the best sense of the word. In fact, Jesus joined in on the celebrations and never condemned them. Jesus also knew how to have a good time.

Where the problem lies is in the fact that many people are full of the festive spirit but miss the whole point of all the fun and activity.

Christmas is the celebration of God coming into the world. He actually came in the person of Jesus Christ.

God wants to identify with us. He has come to bear our burdens and to lighten our load in this life which has so much suffering and sadness about it.

Jesus came to die for us that we might have the forgiveness of sin when we confess it and turn from it to God.

Jesus is the way to the Father and all who come by Him will not be disappointed.

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