GRM Christmas Newsletter 2009

A Ministry of Hope to the Hurting

Gordon’s book on the Trial and Death of Jesus Christ has had the proposal submitted to a publisher for consideration. This book has been years in the making and we are hoping that it meets with acceptance. Please pray with us that it will. This book is designed to draw the reader out in worship of Christ and as a challenge to the imitation of Jesus.

A second book of a very different sort is under development called “People I Have Known”. It is a series of short stories about how people have impacted my life and how I have either ministered to them or how they have ministered to me in the name of Christ. It will be a learning tool for readers who wish to help the hurting.

More requests are coming from churches for ministry on Jesus Christ. I have been asked for ministry on heaven, temptation, prayer and the like but there seems to be a special hunger for verbal portraits of Jesus Christ to be given to the people of God at this time. The consensus is that this is the most popular topic of the moment.

Susan and I were featured speakers at a conference for Single Christian Adults in August in Burlington to over 100 people. The ministry was very well received and numerous people at the conference spoke to us one on one between sessions. Following the conference we were able to have a session with the conference organizer about the direction of her ministry and encourage her to continue her excellent work.

Our website is slowly progressing and we hope to add a number of sermons to it for you as the year progresses. This process is under the direction of one of our volunteers and we sincerely appreciate his efforts to do this work for us. Please visit the site and see the new developments.

I am pleased to report that much of the first half of the New Year is booked with ministry in southern Ontario. There are still a few openings however. I have many openings in the last half of the year and encourage my friends to call on me for bookings as I love to minister around the province and share the Good News.

Susan is switching her degree program to Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo and hopes to graduate sooner with full accreditation. It is exciting for her to know she will have this done and be registered and fully accepted in her chosen field of counseling. She keeps very busy with a lot of clients who need her support. Those who underwrite our ministry with prayer and financial support make this important work possible. Referrals come in weekly it seems and Susan is finding it a full time occupation.

Susan has spoken at several Bible studies and ladies functions this past year and her Prayer Journal will soon be professionally published. She has worked on this over the years and self published it numerous times for use at conferences with increasing popularity.

On another note I am happy to report that Oakridge Bible Chapel, Oakville has given me a Letter of Commendation among the Christian Brethren Assemblies.

This means that if anyone in the USA wishes to donate to my ministry they may forward funds to:
Christian Workers Fellowship, PO Box 1117, Lawrence KS  66044 USA . Please include a note to the effect “We ask that this gift be given to the support of Gordon & Susan Rumford in Ontario, Canada.”

If you would like to support us financially and you live in Canada you will receive a Canadian tax receipt and cheques should be made payable to Gordon Rumford Ministries and mailed to Gordon Rumford Ministries, P.O. Box 93099, 1450 Headon Road, Burlington, ON L7M 4A3

For those who would like to donate online you can do so by going to and typing in Gordon Rumford Ministries under the “I want to give to:” section and then just follow the prompts.

A Christmas Carol for 2009 – How to Help the Hurting at Christmas

Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol looked at the plight of the working poor in England in  the 1800’s, today our world is just as full of hurting people and some of them are single mom’s and their children . . .

Christmas 2008 proved to be particularly challenging for one of those single moms. She was out of work, out of cash and just about out of hope – hope that she would be able to provide any kind of special Christmas for her children.  To top it off the children’s father was planning a lovely vacation away that did not include them. Her apartment was very small with no dining table and only a modest amount of room in which to do anything.

The Lord made her situation known to a Christian couple in her church. They wanted to help make Christmas day special not just for the children but for their mom as well. They knew that the answer was not in inviting them to their home for the day. This was a family of teenagers and they needed to be together in their own space where they could be themselves and not feel awkward and “needy”. So the couple decided that they would provide a turkey, gravy, a dessert and grocery store coupons so they could choose all the other ingredients to make it their own  “perfect

Christmas dinner”. They included festive napkins and crackers in the package as well. They also gave cash to the Mom so she could go out and buy gifts for her children. However, this didn’t seem like enough to them as they considered what it must be like for this single mom to get up on Christmas morning year after year without anything special under the tree that was just for her. So they bought her a gift and a gift certificate and wrapped them up to put under her tree.  The gift gave her a visible reminder of her value to others, something to hold. The gift certificate allowed her to shop for something she might really want – a luxury not often afforded to single moms.

This reminded me of my first year as a single mom after my husband Grant died. A friend came over to help me wrap the children’s gifts and when I wasn’t looking she placed a beautifully wrapped gift under my tree – way in the back – in a place I didn’t discover until Christmas morning when all the other gifts were opened. I can’t tell you how it touched me that my friend would do such a thoughtful thing in that first year when there was no one around anymore who wanted to make the day special for me!

Is there someone you know who needs a little tender loving care this Christmas, not an invitation to join you, but the resources to celebrate with their own family and know the love of God in the kindness of His people?

We hope you’re inspired and God gives you the opportunity to express it before December 25th

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another”
Charles Dickens

‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’.
Luke 10:27

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