How to have Jesus in your home at Christmas

For all Christians, the real joy of living is to know that God is with us and helping us every day.

We also have the expectation of seeing Him and being with Him forever.

This is cause enough to celebrate.

But, did you know, that you can actually have Jesus in your home this Christmas and have Him enjoy the day with you from rising in the morning through the turkey dinner until bed at night?

There is no question that you can set the table for an extra person, have a stocking for your guest, and even a few presents wrapped with His name on them.

Well, just how do you have Jesus in your home for the day this Christmas to sit around the tree and open presents, join in on the laughter, and the whole thing?

Actually it is so simple that I am embarrassed to mention it.

We have had Jesus in our home at Christmas almost every year since I was too young to remember.

What we do is find a person who will wake up alone Christmas morning (there are lots of them) and invite one of them to come and spend the entire day with us and join in on all the celebrations. We have presents for them, a stocking, the whole nine yards.

Jesus spoke about this when He described the entrance of Christians into the eternal state. He will say to them, “I was a stranger and you took me in.”

Some of the people who hear Him say this will ask, “Lord, when did we welcome you into our homes?” Jesus’ answer will be “For as much as you have done it to even the least of my brothers, you have done it to me.”

So, why not invite Jesus to enjoy the celebrations at your home this Christmas?

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