The Great Teacher of Promise

“the Holy Spirit…will teach you all things and remind you of everything…” John 14:26 (N|IV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - The Great Teacher of PromiseI well recall a couple of history teachers I had during my formal education. One was the most boring person I have ever met. “Monotone Malcom” we would call him. He droned on endlessly in class and many times each lecture my hand would finally draw a wiggly line as I went to sleep. If he could have bottled his style and marketed it as a cure for insomnia he would have made a fortune.

The other outstanding professor of history I had was animated and powerful. He would wave his arms like a windmill, shout here and whisper there, as he described the scenes he was seeking to get into our heads. He would have the heroes of the battle running up and down the lecture room aisles as the battle seesawed back and forth. It was sensational stuff and we loved it.

When Jesus spoke of the coming of the Holy Spirit He never said the Spirit would be dramatic or sensational, or that those to whom He came would have ecstasies of emotion. But instead the promise was that this One would be a fantastic teacher and not only bring all the new information the disciples needed but would work on their memories to ensure they recalled all of Jesus’ teaching.

Jesus wanted all of His people to know the Holy Spirit would instruct in a most efficient manner. The disciples would be as well taught by the Spirit as they were taught by Christ himself. This is the legacy of Jesus to all of His people from the least to the greatest. All would have this Spirit of promise to travel with them through life.

It is good to go to church and listen carefully to the sermons preached and the great hymns sung. It is important also to read the Bible for ourselves at home. We need to pray every day to our Father in heaven. And in all of these spiritual exercises the Holy Spirit will work with us to make the discipline meaningful and full of blessings.

In your times of difficulty remember, if you love the Lord, you have this amazing Teacher as your constant companion to assist you in coming near to God. Ask for His help when you pray, read the Bible, worship, sing praise in church and He will open your eyes to marvellous things that shall sustain you in your journey.

The Holy Spirit will constantly guide and keep you through everything this life can do against you. You shall have the strength and wisdom to live the best life possible now and be groomed for heaven forever.

But you must believe in Jesus to have this Teacher of promise. May you come to Jesus today and find in Him everything that is necessary for your own unique issues in life. Jesus waits to give the great Teacher of promise to all who come. Come and come today.

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