Who in the World are You?

I have sent them into the world” John 17:18 (NIV)|

Gordon Rumford Ministries Daily Devotional - Who in the world are you?Those who belong to Jesus have connected with a world that is not visible in the physical sense that an apple or pear appear to our eyes. However there is a remarkable effect this invisible world has on the visible world. This effect comes through God’s people living godly lives in the world and living as Christians in the power God alone can give. Christians of all occupations and callings are the “glue” that holds society together.

Jesus places His people in all streams of society in order for them to live for Him in front of their own peers. But we are to live in such a way that people see the difference between us and others who do not follow Jesus.

I recall being on loan one time from my employer to work in a government agency for a season. There were a number of us in a group to do this project for the public good. The leader went over our responsibilities carefully and gave us a clear picture of how to go about our mission. One detail of the instructions was a lesson on how to “pad” our expenses to inflate them to meet the budget set for the group.

I waited until after that particular session to go to the project manager and speak with him. I told him that I would not be able to inflate my expenses in my report as I felt I had to be honest with everybody. My honesty was not going to be selective because my boss wanted it to be. He tried to explain that if my expenses came in significantly lower than everyone else’s it would be questioned and possibly cause trouble for the department.

I expressed my regrets that my action would be inconvenient but I intended to be honest with everyone because of my loyalty to Jesus Christ. In the end he had no choice but to accept my position. It did cause some problems for myself and my manager but I could not be afraid of that and in an interesting way it actually did some good.

The manager of our project to whom I confessed my determination to be honest in my reporting of expenses came to me later. He wanted to talk about a serious difficulty he faced in his personal life. He did not ask help from anyone else in my group but, rather, came to me. Why did he come to me? Well he knew that if I said I would not divulge his personal issue with anyone that I was as good as my word. It would remain with me. I am grateful that I was able to help this person with his family issue even though I caused him problems at work.

Jesus has raised up His Church to have an influence in society for good and it still happens today. Those who love Jesus and walk in His way are people who are deeply concerned for the suffering of humanity and actively seek out ways to alleviate the pain and suffering that is so prevalent in our world.

Are you part of the church Jesus founded, and is still sending into the world today to minister grace and truth to needy people? Does your heart ache for the people all around you who struggle just to survive? You need to come under the authority of Jesus Christ and you will then be part of those who make a great and positive difference in the lives of others.

Who are you in this world?

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