Behind closed doors

“Then Pilate took Jesus and had him flogged.” John 19:1

I have an expression that I sometimes use with people. “There can be a lot of pain behind a smile.” It is difficult to know the torment that some people endure in life simply because it occurs behind closed doors where only the family can see. The person in pain puts on a brave front before the public and then goes home to chaos and sorrow. They do not wish to make public their issues lest it make things worse.

I recall a minister once who confessed in confidence to a leader in his church a struggle he was having. He was making a cry for help. The church leader did not try to help him but instead publicly exposed the poor man’s problem and had him put out of the ministry.

So many suffer in silence because they do not wish to come to harm, or to ruin the reputation of the one who causes their suffering. Battered wives are a prime example. When they show up in the hospital emergency department with bruises and cuts they explain that they fell down the stairs. The doctor can easily guess that her husband did this to her.

Within the privacy of his large garrison, Pilate had Jesus flogged. Perhaps he did not wish to have Jesus’ enemies see the suffering but only the results of it. Hence Jesus was only brought out to His accusers after the horrible deed was finished. Jesus suffered both privately and publicly after He was betrayed.

It may be that you are someone who suffers behind closed doors. You do not deserve the treatment you receive but you suffer anyway. Perhaps it has gone on so long that you become like many who give up and believe they deserve the abuse they receive. They think it is their fault the pain is inflicted.

Every good counsellor knows how easy it is for innocent people to slip into the mindset of feeling guilty for the abuse they suffer when it is not their fault.

Perhaps you are one of those who suffers in one way or another behind closed doors. Or perhaps your family belittles you even in public. However you suffer, privately or publicly, or both, you have someone in Jesus who knows the pain of such a situation.

Do you not feel yourself drawn to Him who suffered so much because of the sins of others? Is this not someone to whom you can come and find comfort and understanding?

Jesus knew what it was like to be humiliated privately and in public. Why not come to Him and tell your story? He will understand and heal your wounds. He will comfort and strengthen you. He will lead you into the way of relief and peace. Come to Him and come now.

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