A remarkable oversight

“Father into your hands I commit my spirit.” Luke 23:46

The evening before my parents took us on a family vacation my mother was setting the alarm for the morning. She asked my father when he would like to wake up in the morning. Now my late father had a circuitous way of speaking at times.

His response to my mother was, “Well we should get up in good time so that we have a fair start on the day and get away early so we miss the heavy traffic and have a good few hours driving before supper.” My mother tossed him the clock and said, “Here, you set the alarm.”

I will never know if my Dad was putting my mother on or actually meant what he said. None the less it was a mumble jumble that really did not answer the question.

I find that society has rather odd views of one of the primary facts of life. People speak in a circular manner about it just as my father went round and round with my mom and did not give a satisfactory answer to her question.

It concerns the fact that given enough time we shall all depart from this world. Society does not like to think about this fact of life any longer than to make sure they have adequate insurance and an up to date will.

We avoid the matter of our personal demise like the plague. When push comes to shove most people are cowards about this matter and wish people would not bring up the subject in their presence. It may be fear bred of ignorance, or the desire to remain in familiar surroundings or some other factor. The simple reality is that this fact of life is ignored as long as possible by most individuals.

When you consider that Jesus said these words it is amazing on several levels. Jesus was the One who spoke to a corpse and the person came alive (John 11:43-44).

He told the storm to stop and it did (Mark 4:39).

He called all who suffer to come to Him and they would find rest (Matthew 11:28-30).

He read people’s thoughts (Mark 2:6-8).

All the miracles Jesus did were instantaneous and permanent. Why did He have a need to commit His spirit to the Father?

Jesus controlled whatever He wished and His enemies who were desperate to discredit Him and show Him a false prophet all agreed He did these amazing things. The leaders of the Jews knew that if Jesus went on doing these spectacular things the Roman occupational forces would come in and depose them. This cemented their desire to kill Him (John 11:46-50).

Jesus took this quote from Psalm 31:5 and made it His motto for life. If such a remarkable person used this prayer routinely and especially at the last, so much more ought we to have it on our lips frequently.

We cannot calm storms or awaken the dead like Him, therefore it is all the more urgent for us to follow His example. Do not make the fatal oversight of others and ignore this prayer. Start repeating it, and start today.

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