He Knows

“I know their sorrows” Exodus 3:7 (KJV)

It was about 40 years ago and we had been home from the hospital for only a couple of days with our firstborn and my wife had to be rushed back to the hospital with postpartum complications. One of our doctor friends met us at Emergency and helped get my wife seen by the surgeon. When I left the hospital with my first born son my friend held an umbrella and walked to my car with me in order to keep my precious little son safe from the pouring rain.

While waiting in the hospital I had phoned a nurse friend of ours who also had a small child and asked her if she could care for our son for a few days. She readily agreed and I then drove to their home 45 minutes from the hospital and spent an hour with them and then went back home.

As I walked into the empty house I saw the big Welcome Home sign I had hung on the wall to welcome my wife and new son home. There were the dozen red roses in the vase that I had purchased for my wife. I went upstairs to the bedroom and took the unfinished breakfast I had made for my wife down to the kitchen and cleaned up.

I was perfectly miserable. There was a lot wrong with this picture. I wanted my little family home. This was supposed to be a happy time and it was a hash.

An hour into my pity party the phone rang and the voice on the other end said, “Hello Gordon its Paul.” Suddenly I felt a whole lot better. Paul was a wonderful friend and was the doctor who had just delivered my son before going away on holiday. Somehow there was a tremendous sense of comfort in knowing that this close friend knew and shared with me in my upset.

My problem was not solved, my wife still had to have surgery, my 2 day old son was a long way from home, yet I felt some great release from the pain of the moment.

There is great comfort in just having a close, caring friend come alongside and share the burden of our situation. In our text the person speaking is God and He speaks of the sorrow of the nation Israel, His chosen people. God’s people are always on His screen and He never looks away for an instant. He knows all about our situation be it good or difficult.

How comforting it is to the believer that God knows our sorrows. This wonderful truth is only for those who follow Him and believe on His Son, Jesus Christ. The Scripture says, “The Lord knows the way of the righteous” Psalm 1:6 (KJV).

Are you confident that the Lord knows your sorrows? Do you have assurance He sees you and will act to help you through your times of need? He is available for all who will turn to Him and seek Him. Perhaps the world knows nothing about your hidden pain and suffering but if God knows then all is well. Call on Him and do it today.

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