Do it again

“O Lord our God, who brought your people out of Egypt with a mighty hand.” Daniel 9:15 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries Daily Devotional - Do it againGrandchildren are the best. We enjoy them so much, try to spoil them a little, spend money on them for things they want or need and then send them home. Their parents have to worry about doctors’ & dentists’ appointments, making sure they do their homework and household chores, etc. What a life we have as grandparents!

One of my grandsons is coming up to 2 years old and he loves to engage me in some form of play when he comes to visit. So, I gladly do as he requests. One of his favourite expressions when we are playing is, “Do it again, Grampa.” Something I have done has amused him so he wants a repeat performance. He never tires of our play time and neither do I.

The setting for our verse today is when Daniel has been reading God’s Word prior to prayer. He has discovered a promise God made 70 years ago telling His people that they shall come back from their exile to the land of promise. He knows the time is up and so prays for deliverance for the nation in captivity.

Daniel knows that you can bring to God more than His promises when you want help from Him. Quoting God’s promises is a most powerful way to call on Him to act. However you can also look at how God has helped His people in the past and ask Him to “Do it again”

This is what Daniel does in our verse today. He refers to something God did hundreds of years earlier and asks for a repeat performance. Then it was a matter of God having His people exit Egypt under the leadership of Moses. Now Daniel wants God to bring about an exodus of His people from their present captivity.

Do you know enough of Scripture to find a place where God did something for one of His children and you are in a similar situation needing deliverance? Find the passage, insure that it does parallel your own circumstances and then say to God, “Lord, do it again.”

God loves to hear from His children and takes more pleasure in hearing from you than any grandparent ever received from their grandchildren. Do you still hesitate to come and make your needs known? What holds you back from a loving and gracious God who has proven His love and concern for us in Jesus? He sent His Beloved Son to die for our sins and to rise again.

Could God give better evidence of His concern for sinners than to have His son die for them? I think not! So if God has made such a powerful declaration of love for us, we should not hesitate to come and pour out our hearts to Him. Let Him know of your heartache today and He will surely meet with you and answer from heaven with blessing.

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