The wonder of Jesus

As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were
overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him.”
Mark 9:15 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - The wonder of JesusIt is interesting that in life there are certain people who seem attractive to us regardless of their outward appearance. I well recall a man who did not seem to have much of this world’s goods, was soft spoken, and did not seek to dominate a discussion. Yet there was something about his manner that caused people to enjoy him greatly. He had friends in most levels of society. His smile was always warm and gracious. When I think of him I am reminded of how many people saw Jesus when He walked among us.

Jesus did not have a physical appearance that attracted people. In Isaiah 53:2 it says, “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him” (NIV). He referred to Himself as “gentle and humble in heart” Matthew 11:29 (NIV). So Jesus did not stand out in a crowd because of what He looked like. Rather there was an attraction about Him that focussed on His manner, His spoken words, and His interest especially in people who were in need.

Jesus went around doing things that no one else could do. For example, He healed diseases that other physicians could not. In Mark 5:25-30 we read of a woman who spent all her money on doctors over a 12 year period and was worse rather than better. Jesus healed her instantly. In John 9 we read of Jesus healing a man born blind. Jesus’ critics tried to disprove the miracle but simply could not.

Never did Jesus’ enemies ever prove He did not do the miracles ascribed to Him. Rather in one instance the leaders of the people met secretly and said that they needed to kill Jesus lest His continued working of miracles draw the people to Him John 11:38-48.

Concerning Jesus’ teaching, the common people who heard Him are described in Luke 4:22 “All spoke well of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his lips.” (NIV).

On another occasion after Jesus preached a sermon it was said of the people, “…the crowds were amazed at his teaching, because he taught as one who had authority…” Matthew 7:28-29 (NIV).

Jesus was attractive in the very best way to those who encountered Him while He was on earth. He proved to have a remarkable manner with people and they felt drawn to Him because of His words and works.

Have you taken time to see Him in the Gospels in the Bible? Have you read His gracious words addressed to the needy? Have you been drawn to this incredible Person who calls on everyone to believe in Him?

Jesus, the One who spoke so graciously and who demonstrated His powers over all kinds of earthly issues calls for you to come and receive His forgiveness and to have a life that is truly worth living. Will you come to this One who can remake you and cause you to conquer all your issues in life? Jesus waits to hear from you. Come, and come today.

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