Slippery Slopes

“He will guard the feet of his saints,”
1 Samuel 2:9

Gordon Rumford Ministries Daily Devotional - Slippery SlopesI well recall the season that I learned to downhill ski. For those who have mastered this skill to some degree you will identify with my sentiments when I say it was the most difficult battle of the mind that I ever engaged in.

You see, for those of you who have never downhill skied, to properly ski downhill you must try to produce a “face plant”. Yes, you must try to fall on your face. Now your sense of self-preservation will fight with your efforts to fall on your face. You must overcome your instinct to refrain from damaging yourself and lean forward until you think you will fall on your face.

This dreadful battle in my head almost stopped me from continuing with my lessons on the “Bunny Hill”. You see, I knew that the geometry of my equipment would not allow me to fall on my face if I leaned forward. The skis would allow me to fall sideways but not forward. That was impossible if I was properly in my ski harness.

It took many attempts before I got the hang of it, overcame my fears, and started to slide down the slippery slopes. I am so glad my sense of logic prevailed and I accepted the fact I would not fall forward regardless of how much I leaned in the direction I wished to travel. Do not get me wrong, I fell many times, I even had what they call “yard sales” when my equipment came off and spread over the ski hill. But I always fell to the side where the skis did not impede my traveling to the ground.

The person who spoke about God guarding her feet was a woman named Hannah. Her name means, “favoured” and she was. After years of not having a child God finally granted her a son who grew up to be a great prophet called Samuel, a man of prayer (Psalm 99:6).

Hannah was celebrating her safety as she spoke these words concerning God’s care of His people. She delighted in the idea that God secured her in her life and she was not left in a precarious position.

For some years Hannah had battled with her mind over God’s apparent ignoring of her tragic situation of not being a mother. She prayed earnestly to the Lord but it seemed He did not hear. She wept, lost her appetite and was bitter in her soul (1 Samuel 1:7-10).

Then, when God gave her the desire of her heart, a son, her rejoicing was not that she had a son but that God was her protection in life. He was her Saviour. What Hannah had before she had her son was God and somehow she had missed the reality of her greatest treasure which was her God.

We can do the same as we pursue some good thing in life and forget that if we are one of God’s “saints” we have what is best already and the rest is window dressing by comparison. Is God your most important treasure? Do you value His presence in your life above everything else? Does God keep you safe or are you flying solo through life?


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