Getting old is not for sissies

“but those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.”
Isaiah 40:31 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - Getting old is not for sissiesThe majority of the population today would say that I am old. My hair is gray, I take several medications, I have to see doctors regularly, I do not bicycle any more nor do I run footraces. I can recall things that happened over 6 decades ago. Yes, I must also say, “I am getting old.”

There is a line in an Anne of Green Gables movie where Matthew Cuthbert said, “I got old, I didn’t notice.” That is my comment on life as well.

We who are older look longingly at young people and observe them doing things we once did but cannot do any longer. We yearn for the good old days when we could downhill ski the difficult black diamond slopes.

Now many of us have given up skiing even the mildest of runs down the ski hill. Hopefully we are among those who have given up strength for wisdom and can live more efficiently.

There is a beauty in youth that is not to be denied. But in the context of our verse today (Isaiah 40:28-31) the author speaks about even the young people growing faint and stumbling and falling. Youth may have strength older people lack but the time comes even at their stage in life where they exhaust themselves. Well, what is to be done then?

Our text gives the answer that is sure and certain. Those who wait or hope in the Lord gain the necessary strength to move on in life. The strongest of us get exhausted and need a source of renewal and God tells us He, and He alone, is that source.

In the context of our verse God is described as being eternal, being the Creator, His strength is never exhausted, He understands everything, and He gives the necessary resources to all who come to Him for help.

Those who are exhausted because of life’s difficulties may come to their Creator and be renewed, refreshed, revitalised, and restored to cope well with anything life throws at them. The promise is that they will never be exhausted any more, they shall “run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31 (NIV).

Are you about to call it quits in life? Do you know yourself to be in need of God’s inexhaustible resources? Will you insist on going it alone? Or will you have the wisdom to come to the God who created you and seek the fully adequate strength He freely gives?

There is nothing as sad as the person who is within reach of the help they need but they refuse to take hold of it. God is as good as His word. You may trust Him fully. He never disappoints those who genuinely seek Him and His grace for the painful alternatives in life. You have no need to continue stumbling in life when the Lord makes such a gracious and profound offer. Come to Him for grace and help and come today.

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