Does anyone care?

“Jesus saw” Luke 21:1

Gordon Rumford Ministries Daily Devotional - Does anyone care?It is fascinating to listen to people talk and learn their opinions on things. I recall the days when one famous Hollywood star took to the road to preach against the United States involvement in the Viet Nam war. She protested the killing of North Viet Nam soldiers by the US.

After the war was over the Khmer Rouge, a vicious guerrilla group, killed nearly two million Cambodians from 1975 to 1979 in the name of a Communist agrarian ideal. The woman who was so vocal against killing North Vietnam soldiers was strangely silent as peace loving, non-military people, the Cambodians were viciously slaughtered.

I cannot help but wonder at the sincerity of such people who are so venomous in spewing hatred against one group of people and then lose their voices about the atrocities of other groups. There is something wrong with that picture. Then we wonder where God was when those people were massacred. Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

We say that God is loving and yet people are savagely slaughtered. How can we harmonize these contrary things? Some people look at their difficult circumstances in life and find it hard to believe that God wants a relationship with them when He causes so many things to go wrong.

Many years ago I conducted the funeral of an 18 year old boy and when the committal service was done the mother stooped and picked the spray off the casket and I escorted her and her husband to the tiny grave of their other son where the mother gently and lovingly laid the flowers down. I had been there with them a few years earlier to conduct a similar service for the little fellow.

Where is God in all this suffering? The context for our verse today is the story of Jesus sitting in the temple where the people came to give their offerings to the Lord. The thirteen collection boxes were in what was called the Court of the Women. Some of the worshipers apparently gave generously. Along came a widow and put in the two smallest coins of Jewish currency. Jesus said 2 things about her offering. One, He said that she put in more than all the other people put together and, 2. that she gave everything she had to live on.

Jesus saw her enormous sacrifice and made note of it. In what Jesus said about the size of her gift compared to the others He employed a strange kind of mathematics. He said that the smallest allowable gift, the one she gave, added up to much more than all the sums of the rich contributors combined.

God sees the suffering of all of us and pays attention to the issues we face. If you hesitate to believe that, read the Gospel of Luke. In its pages we have a portrait of Jesus with the outcasts of society, the hurting, and the poor. Those who suffer cannot obtain a better understanding of Jesus’ concern for them than in this Gospel.

Will you rethink the idea that God is concerned with those who are in pain? Are you willing to entrust yourself and all your issues to Him? Jesus had mercy on those who cried out to Him while He walked this earth. He is still seeking the lost, who recognize their need. Remember, He sees and He cares. What more do you need before you will come to Him and pour out your heart? Come to Him and come now.

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