Is a clear conscience the sign of a faulty memory?

“I…will remember their sins no more.”
Hebrews 8:12

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - Is a clear conscience the sign of a faulty memory?Memory is sometimes a wonderful thing. At other times it is very inconvenient. Perhaps you have noticed that older people can remember the distant past much better than they can what happened yesterday or even this morning. They may not recall if they took their breakfast time pills but can recall in detail events from 60+ years ago.

A convenient memory is one in which the person who has done wrong to someone else “forgets” the action, or they have an inaccurate recall of the incident. Sometimes the one hurt by the incident will speak up and confront the one who has injured them. Other times they may feel it is best to “let it go” and act as though nothing happened.

Rarely did Jesus speak up in His own defence and so it is good for us to consider what positive thing will be accomplished by remembering out loud what happened. If it seems nothing helpful will be accomplished by an accurate recollection of the event then consider “forgetting” it. Leave it alone as Jesus did. It may cost you frustration to be silent but it may prove the best solution in the long run.

In a wholly different area, people who confess to having a clear conscience regarding sin in their lives are people with a fuzzy memory according to the Bible. There are many reminders throughout Scripture that all of us in our own ways have failed to live up to God’s expectations for us.

We may counter such biblical comments with expressions such as, “Well, nobody’s perfect.” However that is only to say that everyone is imperfect, sinful, in trouble with God. Word the problem as you will, we all have memories of inglorious deeds we have done and if we had it to do over again we would do things differently.

God, through what Jesus did by living the perfect life we can’t, and by His work on the cross has made it possible for all of us to have the slate wiped clean, the record of our misdeeds removed, total and absolute forgiveness. This is the remarkable good news out text today announces.

God is not suggesting His memory will become “faulty”. He is using an expression we can relate to with our “selective” or “deficient” memories. It is not that He will not have total recall of each and every misdeed all of us will commit in our lifetime. Not at all. What God is saying is that if we receive Jesus as our Saviour it will be as though God “forgot” all of our sins forever. It means He will never throw our sins in our faces some day.

Now, this is the most amazing gift God can bestow on anyone. Suppose God never allows me to be rich and famous. Maybe I will never tour the world and see all the glories of creation. Possibly I will have my life cut short or live with disabilities. These are small issues compared to forgiveness with God. If we truly get the idea into our heads that we are forgiven by God for all time then we know that a better day is coming and we with patience wait for it. Do you have this greatest of gifts, forgiveness from God and all your misdeeds blotted out of His memory banks? Jesus offers this to us all. We need to receive it.

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