Something from nothing

“…they were filled” John 6:12 (KJV)

I remember it as though it was yesterday but it occurred over 60 years ago. We had a family reunion and there must have been 100 people there related to us. It was held on a farm that had long been deserted. The barn was falling down and the house was in great need of repair as well.

I was told that my father was born in that house. He was born in 1903 and in those days mothers rarely ever went to hospital to have a baby unless they lived in the city and had money to spare.

I played with my many cousins while the ladies prepared the meal for us. When all was ready I remember being amazed at how much food was on the table. There was everything a child could desire to eat. I could not remember seeing a truck load of food come by with all this but apparently everyone brought a basket full of food and we had more than enough to satisfy everyone.

The story around our Scripture verse today tells us of a picnic but with a problem. No one came with food except for a little boy. He had his lunch with him made up of a few barley loaves and two small fish. The crowd numbered about 5,000 people. What could be done when all they had was enough for a child?

Jesus told the disciples to get the people to sit down. Then He gave thanks for the small lunch and started breaking the loaves into pieces, giving them and fish to the disciples and they distributed the food to the people. From the small lunch there came food for the great crowd. Everyone knew that Jesus was performing a miracle of creation. They all knew that Jesus made the meal for everyone from nothing.

At my family picnic we all had enough food but only because people brought food. At the picnic in the story in John 6 we see a miracle that Jesus did in order to meet the need of the large crowd. The people realised that Jesus had superhuman powers. No ordinary person could create anything. They were not silly people who were tricked by Jesus. They were normal, intelligent people who realised they had someone special in their presence.

Immediately the people decided that they should make Jesus their leader and then He could help them put the Roman army out of their country and they would be free again. The enormous power Jesus demonstrated in creating food could be used to get rid of their enemies and they would be a free people again. They decided to force Jesus to be their king.

When Jesus saw that the people only wanted Him to solve a political problem they had, He quietly walked away into a nearby mountain. Jesus did want the people to know He was the Creator God, but at the same time He wanted them to know He would decide how His wonderful powers would be used and not them.

It is the same with us. Jesus wants us to know and accept Him as the Creator God who created everything. (Colossians 1:15-17). He will use His amazing powers to assist His people in life, but we must not try to force Him into doing things any more than the crowd tried to make Him deal with their political problems.

Jesus will certainly help you in life and assist you through the problems that are common to us all. Come to Him and ask for the help you need. If you desire to ask for a specific solution to your difficulty go ahead. But if He decides to walk with you through the problem rather than make it disappear, submit and He will supply all the help you need. He will never leave or forsake you.

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