What time is prayer time?

“My voice shall you hear in the morning, O Lord.”
Psalm 5:3

Gordon Rumford Ministries Daily Devotional - What time is prayer time?Some people like everything set in stone and/or black and white. They live their lives by rules and often seek to impose their rules on others. That was a great problem in Jesus’ day.

Through Moses, God had given 10 commandments for living. Religious leaders by Jesus’ time had expanded those 10 into hundreds. Jesus one day showed how the 10 commandments could be even further reduced to two (Luke 10:27).

There are many good ideas about effective prayer in the Bible but no hard and fast rules about things you must say, postures you must assume, or even times when you must pray.

The Bible calls on everyone to pray and there are many promises to bring to God for Him to fulfil as we pray.

Occasionally you hear of someone who learns to pray in the presence of extreme danger. These people were silent when it came to communicating with God but suddenly found their voices when life became too much for them.

Our verse today is not a call for us to all pray first thing in the morning. The Psalmist is just telling God that he will be praying in the morning. Apparently the Psalmist thought it a good thing to pray to God each morning. He wisely thought that God should hear his voice before anyone else in the day heard from him.

What is important is that we make prayer something we do regularly and hopefully daily. The reasons for prayer are as many as our needs, our thanks, and our praise to God.

Prayer can involve us in seeking things from God. Prayer can also be used to thank God for past blessings. We also need to pray in an attitude of praise for God and all we see of Him in our lives and the world around us.

If you have found yourself in significant difficulties and have begun to pray to God, do not be discouraged at your previous lack of prayer. God desires to listen to us regardless of our lack of track-record with Him in the past.

It is very unlikely that the repentant thief on the cross beside Jesus ever encountered Him before. Yet, when the thief asked for a place in Jesus’ coming kingdom he was assured that he would have his prayer answered that very day.

Whatever the issue you face, come to this One Who said He was meek and lowly of heart and ask Him for the needed grace to cope with your problem. Jesus will hear and answer. He loves to have us call on Him anytime.

What time is prayer time? Any time there is a need. Let your Creator hear your voice today. Come and ask for what you need in Jesus’ name.

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