Ready to pounce

“…so they watched him closely…”
Luke 6:7 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries Daily Devotional - Ready to pounceSome days I really miss the farm. Don’t get me wrong, I love city life too. City life has loads of cultural things like the symphony, art galleries, good eating places, great specialty shops to browse, easy access to medical places when necessary, everything the heart could desire. But the peaceful way of country life and the closeness to nature still lingers in my memory.

One aspect of life in the country is observing animal life in its amazingly diverse ways. Cats are necessary on the farm besides being great companions. They help keep the mouse population in check and are highly entertaining at times as you watch them stalk their prey.

Such stealth, such supple muscles can be observed as they pounce on the unsuspecting bite of lunch. Cats seem to have infinite patience as their hunger pains drive them into the hunting mode. They are ever so quiet as they steal upwind towards their target. How silently they crouch and creep ahead to the object of their desire. Then, when it is too late for the stalked creature, they explode in a rush of lethal action.

I am also intrigued by the several expressions in the Gospels about people stalking Jesus to see if He would slip up and they could pounce upon Him and accuse Him. Often, when a verse in the Scriptures describes the predators stalking Jesus, the verse also says the reason for their stealth was in order to accuse Him.

Have you ever been verbally abused, caught in your words or actions and attacked verbally as if you were someone who was guilty of some great sin? It hurts when people falsely accuse you, or challenge your motives for your actions. Lies about you, slander against your reputation, these are things that hurt more than a physical beating.

Jesus endured it all and then some. He was falsely accused many times in his life among us. His motives were slurred and His reputation torn into shreds. Yet He pursued the work He came to do to ransom sinners and deliver them from the results of their sin. No amount of verbal abuse deterred Jesus from His chosen work of redeeming a people for Himself.

Whatever has happened to your good name, however people have lied about you and turned others away from you, Jesus is ready to receive you regardless of who forsakes you. Turn to Him and seek from Him the grace needed to persevere in spite of the insults and evil comments thrown at you.

Maybe the thing you really need is to come to Jesus and confess that you are not what you should be, you are in fact a person with guilt for wrong doings. Once more I say come readily to Him, do not linger. He stands ready to forgive and restore you to a proper relationship with God. Come whatever your need and come today.

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