Where is your heart?

“…give me your heart…” Proverbs 23:26 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - Where is your heart?I suppose that no person has the heart of a small child like it’s mother. It seems natural and proper for a child to have given their heart to the one who has shown the most love in action towards them. However, the time will come when the boy or girl will grow up and give their heart to another.

We do not fault the young adult for displacing their mother and father with someone who has not demonstrated the sacrificial love of the parents. This is the normal cycle of life and the marriage partner has the strongest hold on the spouse of anyone in the world. All of us who are married have put someone ahead of our parents in our affections.

Yet, in the biblical view of the world and life, there is One who asks for first place in our heart. The person who calls on us to give first place in our heart to him is the Creator, the one who made us. God is actually jealous for first place in our hearts and in our text for today we hear Him calling on us to give our hearts to Him.

In Exodus 34:14 God tells us His name is Jealous. Now some people use this verse to try and create an evil portrait of God. They feel that God has a large ego to say something like this and it is not worthy of Him.

When we put the idea of a jealous God into the proper perspective it is nothing like the picture some God haters seek to give us. Let me illustrate. The first thing we need to have in mind very clearly is the fact that God created everything that exists. I possess a device that my father created to assist him in doing repairs on the family car. Because he created it for a particular purpose he felt he had the right to keep it. If anyone came along and tried to take it away it would not be fair or just.

So it is with God. He created us and has the reasonable expectation that we would serve Him with our lives. The tool my father designed and created is what we call an inanimate object. It has no life of its own it simply lay in his tool box waiting to be picked up and used.

We, on the other hand, have life, minds with which to think, and wills to decide our course in life. This is where the problem comes in. We somehow get the notion in our heads that we can choose our own destiny and pursue it whenever we wish. Whenever life stops us in our tracks and we are unable to go our chosen way because of ill health, lack of resources or opportunity we immediately complain and say it is not fair.

A friend of mine had a very successful and happy life going for him when suddenly he was struck with a disabling disease that stopped him from doing all the things he had formerly done. The people in his church expressed their sorrow and confusion at his tragedy by saying, “Why you of all people? You did so much good for others.” My friend simply responded, “Why not me?”

He had given God his heart and if this was the road God chose for him in life then he was ready to go that route in submission to his Creator. God is asking for your heart and it may mean you travel a different path to others. Are you ready to say to the One who made you, “Lord here is my heart. Do with me as you will.”?

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