“Jump, Daddy will catch you.”

“…I watch in hope for the Lord,” Micah 7:7 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - “Jump, Daddy will catch you.”One Sunday many years ago I had finished preaching and walked down the aisle of the sanctuary to greet the people as they left to go home. Before anyone could get to me my 5 year old son ran ahead of them toward me with his arms outstretched to greet me.

I held my arms out to receive him and with the momentum of his running I took hold of him and swept him up and onto the shelf above the coat rack. He was frightened to be suddenly up that high and cried to come down. I told him to jump and I would catch him.

It was a foolish thing I said because if he did jump I might miss and let him fall to the ground. The little fellow immediately jumped and happily for me I able to catch him and let him down gently to the floor where I stood. My son demonstrated more faith in me than he should have. Apparently he was still at an age when he believed his father could do anything.

It is likely that all of us have been “let down” by someone we thought totally trustworthy. It hurts to be in a position where we suffer because someone did not live up to their promise to us. It may be a marriage vow broken, a church leader who led a double life, a neighbour who broke a confidence we shared with them or any other matter where a commitment made was not kept.

Such betrayal stabs us at the very core of our being. We may wish to withdraw from active life and keep to ourselves. Many people I know, who have had their partner in life leave them, simply want to get away from everyone they know because of the humiliation and embarrassment the separation caused.

Someone, who has been helped greatly by a community leader only to discover that the person who helped them has not lived up to the very principles they teach, will want to leave the organization the hypocrite led.

Some people feel let down by God over some painful issue in their life. They trusted God to lead them one way in life and suddenly they find that they have been directed elsewhere. Many people expect that God is there to serve their ambitions and desires. When any of the things they sought in life are suddenly taken away, they rebel against God and withdraw from Him.

The prophet, whose words we quoted in our verse today decided that trusting anyone could lead to pain and sorrow. People would even challenge his faith in God and ask him where his God was now that he needed Him.

But the prophet states that he will trust God regardless of anything that comes his way. Even when the courts of the land are corrupt and evil men lie in wait for him, he will trust God and find in God his hope. Do you have a similar hope and trust in God in spite of the storms that surround you? If you do not have such a hope look at Jesus on the cross dying the death sinners deserve and agree that God is a God of love and surely can be trusted.

Hear gracious words from God when He says, Hebrews 13:5 “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.” (NIV). Ask yourself if you are indeed a child of God who can take refuge in those words. Then come to God and call on Him to make His powerful presence known in your life today.

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