He drank damnation dry

“Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?”
John 18:11 (NIV)

Many times when I am dealing with a person in difficulty they will say to me how merciful of God not to allow us to see the future. What they mean is that the knowledge of a future sorrow will rob today of its joy. The sad situation they have entered, if they had known it was coming, would have spoiled the days before its appearance on their horizon.

Living each day as it comes, without trying to see the future, is a wise course to chart in life. A dear friend has a degenerative illness that can only get worse. Now she has to use a cane to walk anywhere.

She knows that some day she will no longer use a cane because she will be looking at life from a wheelchair. However, today she puts bows, or ribbons on the cane before she goes out in the morning or for the evening with her friends.

There is no holding this person back. Because she can get about today she does. Tomorrow’s issues can wait, she has certain abilities today and they will serve her as long as they remain. When they depart, then she shall concern herself with what to do about the new reality.

Many years ago the National Film Board of Canada put out a documentary on a young girl who was confined to a wheelchair. She was a most engaging and productive young person. In the last scene of the film the person interviewing her put a difficult question to her. Apparently the girl and her family were moving to another town or city to live.

The interviewer asked her how she was going to cope because she would soon be in a strange town where no one knew her or her special needs. She was asked how she could possibly cope in a new school that would not likely have ramps for her chair to get in, out, and onto the different floors for classes. How would she get to school since her friends who now pushed her chair would not be there to help? What would she say when strangers in her classes and neighbourhood questioned her about what was wrong with her legs.

The young lady looked puzzled at first as she had not given much thought to the problem. Suddenly her face brightened up and she said, “I don’t know how I will cope, but I’ll find a way.”

In the passage from which our verse for today comes, Jesus is facing the greatest crisis of His earthly life. He had already told the disciples that the situation was killing Him Matthew 26:38. The horror of the cross was immediately in front of Him and He faced His tormenters and death head on. He was fully prepared to pay whatever cost in order to be obedient to the will of His Father in heaven.

The question Jesus asked carried in it the answer. Of course He would drink the cup of wrath He faced. In fact, when one person commented on Jesus’ drinking the cup he suggested that Jesus drank damnation dry for His people.

The cup you must drink today can never be as bitter as that one Jesus drank at the cross. Look to Him and ask for grace for the painful issue you face today. He will most certainly draw alongside you and minister all the grace you require to be sustained. Come to Him and come today.

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