What are you hearing?

“She…sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said.”
Luke 10:39 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - What are you hearing?From my earliest days I have loved reading. Over the years my library has grown to several thousand volumes. Books are my constant companions even, and especially, when I go away on vacation. I suppose I should say that all my books are about the Bible and the Christian ministry. Well, I must confess they are not.

I have a good section of books written by the great writers of the centuries in English literature. There are history books galore. Also there are many books on the sciences such as astronomy and physics. My recreational reading is not in my area of formal studies at university.

It appals me to see so many young people with fine minds playing with video games, iPods and so on. What mindless activity this is when you might be informing yourself on the world around us and its wonders. Entertainment can be received in small doses like salt, but in large quantities it poisons the mind to vastly more edifying things.

In modern society there are an incredible number of voices vying for our attention. We cannot look anywhere without observing advertising to help us spend our money. There are so many magazines with detailed photos on the cover that promise to get us up to speed on the latest affairs of the rich and famous.

Such information will never land us a good job, help us solve our problems in life, or show us how to be better citizens of society. Yet people fill their minds on such useless information as if the details of other people’s lives are crucial to our continued existence.

Do you not agree that many publications and newscasts fill our minds with irrelevant and trite information we can well live without? On the other hand there is a book that gives us the most important information imaginable and it is ever so relevant to our lives today.

The book I refer to, of course, is the Bible. Its contents were given under the direction of our Creator and it supplies us with the needed information to live well in this world and be ready for the judgment to come and life everlasting.

If you are not in the habit of reading the Bible I urge you to start reading it. Perhaps you might begin with the Gospel of John in the New Testament and then reading some Psalms that are found in the middle of the Bible.

Reading God’s word is like sitting at Jesus’ feet and listening to what He says. Although many of us are excited to read a broad range of edifying literature we confess that when we turn to the Bible to listen to its precepts, we are entering the richest, the very best book of all. Why not spend some time today or tonight listening to Jesus in the Gospels or in the Psalms. You will never regret paying attention to the One who made you.

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