Who is He?

“Lord, to whom shall we go?”
John 6:68

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - Who is He?One of the most useful gifts my wife has ever given me is a GPS for my car. This gift is very helpful as I am always needing guidance to some new place where I have never been before. I visit people all over the place and to have a good guide lead me is very helpful.

Occasionally I have used the GPS to direct me to places I have been many times. Somehow I thought I would see if it could suggest a better way than the one I knew so well.

To my horror on one occasion the GPS tried to keep me on the highway well past the correct turnoff. Because I had time to spare, I followed its’ advice and it eventually kept directing me in circles and never getting me to my destination. So much for modern technology!

John chapter 6 is a watershed in Jesus’ earthly pilgrimage. He had just preached a sermon that caused many of His disciples to withdraw and not follow Him any more (John 6:66). No doubt His loving heart was saddened by this turn of events.

As I imagine the scene painted by John in this chapter, I think of Jesus wearily turning to the twelve and asking them, “You do not want to leave too, do you?” John 6:67 (NIV) The way the question is constructed in the Greek New Testament it appears that Jesus is confidently expecting a negative answer.

Jesus is looking for an answer that will express loyalty to Jesus and His mission. Peter, ever the spokesperson for the twelve, quickly and wisely speaks for them all. He first answers with a question. “Lord, to whom shall we go?” By asking his question, Peter really seems to be making a statement. Peter seems to be saying that there is no one else to whom they can or need to go.

Then Peter follows the question with two amazing statements about Jesus. First he says that Jesus has words of eternal life (John 6:68). Peter claims that Jesus’ teaching is life and health to the soul.

Then Peter makes his second statement about Jesus and it concerns our Lord’s identity. Peter says that Jesus is God by calling Him the “Holy One of God”. In the Old Testament God is referred to as the “Holy One of Israel” many times. Peter’s term, though rare in Scripture, seems to be akin to this common term for God.

So Jesus not only has the best advice to give, advice that leads to eternal life, but He is God Himself which is quite a remarkable fact. It is this Jesus that we constantly commend to you in our devotions.

Does your spiritual guide constantly point you to Jesus and His teaching? Do you believe Jesus is who He and His followers claim He is? Who is Jesus to you? Have you put your faith in this Eternal Person? Do you accept the belief of Peter that our eternal destiny rests in the teaching of Jesus? Come to Jesus and come today.

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