The child in us

“…Jesus said…little children…”
John 13:31-33

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - The child in usI was asked by an employee of the bank if I would visit with the manager of her branch as he had weathered some stormy seas in his personal life and was grieving. I had never met the man but responded in the affirmative instantly. I often am referred to strangers just because they are in pain and have no one to turn to in their sorrow.

The manager called me and a time was set for me to meet him in his office. I was kindly received and immediately the man launched right into the middle of his description of a very broken life. Success meant nothing to him now that his beloved wife had passed away and his children were not interested in seeing him.

I wondered what he contributed to the alienation of his sons but did not ask. Sometimes children can be so caught up in their adult lives that parents are considered a nuisance and nothing more. He seemed a fine, gentle and loving person who suddenly had nothing nor anyone to live for. All he would be was a cash cow for his children when he died.

As I sat and mostly just listened to his personal history, the man made an insightful comment that was incidental to his comments. What was so significant in his story of suffering was the statement, “Mr. Rumford at times we all wish to be children again.”

Is it not true that when you are in pain you just wish that someone who loved you with all their heart would come along and take care of everything for you? Someone to kiss it better. An all wise and powerful person who could move on stage and sort out all your issues.

When we adults are hurting we know the buck stops at our desk but we sometimes get so weighed down with life that it would be glorious to sit back and have the load lifted by another we trust completely.

Rare is the adult I deal with who does not lapse into such wishful thinking at certain moments in their life.

The verses I quote for today are in the context of Jesus seeking to prepare the disciples for His crucifixion. Jesus knows that the horrific shock of His arrest, trials, and execution would shake them to the core and scatter them. Hence we hear the most tender form of address possible when He calls them “little children”.

There is a world of tenderness in that word to them. He wishes them to know that He loves them as a father loves their child. They could not be more precious to Him if they tried.

Do you know this love of Jesus and can you lean on it in your struggles with life? The banker that day wanted to be a child and have a loving parent come in and solve his heartache. I told him of Jesus who is the most tender and gentle Friend anyone could have in their trials. He came to Jesus and found the comfort he needed. Will you come to Jesus today and seek Him to be your Friend who stays closer than a brother?

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