Do we always need to be politically correct?

“Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.”
John 18:37 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - Do we always need to be politically correct?My family physician for many years was also a wonderful personal friend. Many times we were in each others homes for meals and fellowship. I recall an occasion when I described to him my one and only attack of appendicitis.

I had been taken to the emergency department of the local hospital with significant abdominal pain and nausea. My white cell count was “through the roof” according to the attending surgeon. Hence we knew that there was something very wrong in my body, perhaps a serious infection. The pain was under my sternum and never did locate in the area of my appendix.

The doctor wanted to wait until the pain moved to the area of my appendix before surgery. After about 12 hours of severe pain in the hospital I was desperate to have the doctor operate anywhere. When I related the story to my family physician friend he laughed and said he had seen the occasional “I don’t know what it is” scar on some patients’ abdomens. The surgeon who is in doubt as to where the problem is sometimes makes several incisions until the source of the problem is found.

No patient wants a doctor to operate when he/she is hesitant about a firm diagnosis. We wish a confident and precise form of action by the attending doctor as the problem is diagnosed and resolved.

When two or more doctors attend your medical emergency you hope they all come to the same conclusion about your situation. If the doctors disagree you would find it especially stressful trying to decide which way to go. If one doctor says you have an abscessed tooth that needs to be extracted, and the other doctor says that your tonsils need to be removed, what choice do you make?

However, even though we desire consensus when it comes to medical situations, we are blithely willing to go along with contradictory opinions in religious beliefs. Somehow we think that truth needs to be clear in the one field of study but we can have blurred vision in the other and it does not matter.

Jesus came and made very clear statements about how to relate to our Creator and did not allow other ways to God to be on the table for consideration. In the minds of many today this is not a politically correct way to think. We are supposed to say, “Your way is fine for you and my way is fine for me.” Our verse for today is not politically correct.

Can you imagine politically correct thinking existing in the operating room? Doctors who disagree about how to proceed do not think both ways are fine and it does not matter which “truth” you believe about the patient. They do not flip a coin to see where they will open the patient up. They and you desire absolute certainty about how to proceed.

Will you today, leave your sorrows in the hands of the One who spoke the truth and knows all things? Or will you go on seeking to decide for yourself what is right or wrong? For me it is a very simple decision. I shall let this One who claimed to be the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6) lead me all the way to my eternal home. Will you follow Him as He calls for you today?

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