“Dad I need your help!”

“The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.”
Hebrews 13:6 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - “Dad I need your help!”I sought to raise all my children to be independent of myself. I wanted them to be able to live without me or any of my resources. This is what I believe every parent should aim for with their children. Seek to be unnecessary in the lives of your offspring and you will have done well in your parenting.

For the most part my children are well able to care for themselves without coming to me for assistance. Certainly they come for moral support, wise counsel, and other encouragement because of the trust between us. However, they are very resourceful adults and I am thankful for their energy and enthusiasm for living.

Several weeks after the earthquake in Haiti my oldest son called me from a mission station just a half hour from Port-au- Prince. He had been there several months prior to the quake helping to set up the emergency department of the day clinic as it moved toward the goal of a full fledged hospital.

I had seen him skyped on CTV Canadian national television every day after the quake as he gave reports on the devastation he was seeing at the clinic and in the capital of the country. He worked from 7am until 11pm most days after the earthquake. As I looked at his image on the TV program I could tell he was strained under the pressure of what he witnessed.

So the phone call via satellite was to ask for my help in getting them away for a few days for some much needed rest. Of course I responded and within a few days we had funds on hand to get them to Florida for a week. It proved to be a great time for them to be away and try to get their heads around the horror they had been immersed in at the mission station in Haiti.

What I wish you to consider today is the fact that I am not the perfect father with unlimited resources to help my adult children when they are in acute need. In this situation I had to call on my church and numerous friends to step up to the plate and donate towards the resolution of my son and his family’s needs. Wonderfully they did and the need was met.

My son knew that I had limited resources and could not address his need by myself. But he knew that I loved him and his family dearly and would seek to find a way to see his need met. He trusted me to find a way to resolve his problem.

Now consider the fact that the One who is referred to in our verse today has unlimited resources for all our needs and is most willing to come to the aid of anyone who seeks Him sincerely. We are often told in Scripture that Jesus is the One through whom we are to come to the Father for all our needs to be met. Is God your helper today? Enlist Him to address your needs just as my son called to me for help in his need. If you come through Jesus you have the promise He will never turn you away. Come today and cease to be afraid.

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