No Little People

“And the common people heard him gladly.”
Mark 12:37 (KJV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - No Little PeopleSome of my friends are people who are not only well educated but also exceptionally bright. I call to mind one who is a world leader in his specialty and has worked at several universities in Canada and abroad in research and teaching. His many publications are read by the world’s best minds in his field.

This same person has taken a long term and significant interest in the homeless and those who are unable to act for themselves and make personal life decisions. This friend has worked tirelessly on various boards and community programs to help disadvantaged people because of his love and respect for them as made in the image of God.

Another person who has shown the value of marginalised people is the late Dale Evans, actress and movie star of the mid twentieth century. She and her late husband Roy Rogers endured much tragedy in their lives together. Roy was left with two daughters and an infant son when his first wife, Arlene died from complications following child birth.

When Dale and Roy’s first child Robin was born it was determined that she had Down’s Syndrome. That was a time when society shunned such people and looked down on parents who had such a child. Dale and Roy had her included in family publicity shots for their work amidst much criticism, and they demonstrated genuine pride in their daughter.

She died just before her second birthday. Dale then wrote a book, Angel Unaware to tell of how this little “angel” in her short life had done so much to draw together the family and bring them closer to their Creator. The book has gone through almost 30 printings and has been translated into several languages. All proceeds have gone to help others with the medical issue of their daughter.

Then tragedy struck again. Their daughter Debbie was killed in a bus accident before her 12th birthday. Again Dale wrote a book, Dearest Debbie to commemorate her life. Following this their son Sandy died accidentally a year later while with the army in Germany. His story was written by Dale in A Tribute to Sandy.

We could ask why such a waste of lives like this through disability or premature death. However, it might be good to take a page out of the life of this family and see that such lives are not wasted in any sense. People who are not blessed with long lives or special gifting like others are as precious in God’s eyes as the most “productive” people of any generation.

Jesus most certainly took great pleasure from our verse today. The intellectuals of the time were seeking to discredit our Lord and ruin His wonderful ministry. However, the ordinary people really took hold of His ministry and received the blessings He came to give us.

Yes, there are some world class minds who worship at the feet of Jesus like some of my famous friends. Yet there is a great group no one can number, who have been ignored by the elite of society in their time, who are the special objects of Jesus’ love and concern.

Do you not see that your life is of great interest to Jesus though the world passes you by? Have you not understood that though you will never be famous or a world leader, yet in God’s eyes you may be precious indeed. You may not live as long as many, yet the life you live can be something God delights in as much as any of His people. Come out of hiding and receive Jesus into your life and be one of His treasured children forever. God has no little people.

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