“What is that, you say?”

“A word spoken in due season, how good is it!”
Proverbs 15:23 (KJV)

The title to our meditation today may not conform to proper English rules of grammar. However it is a saying that has a lot of currency in modern day speech. So please do not quibble if the title grates on your sensitive ears!

Last week at the doctor’s office I was told something that offended me. The doctor did not comment on my dress, or my manners in his office, rather he spoke to a health issue I have. What he said was highly disagreeable to me and I went home pondering his statement on my situation.

The doctor was the one with knowledge and lots of experience in health issues so I was unable to contradict him and suggest a more pleasant alternative. Had I denied his comment it would have been very foolish. The reason I was in the man’s office at all was because I only knew the symptoms and needed expert comment on the cause of the problem. Thankfully he also offered a solution that may solve the issue for me.

In life, all of us have, or will likely hear something said to us that is perfectly true, yet decidedly unwelcome. We can do one of two things. We can contradict the person who knows much more about the matter than we do, or else we can accept the expert’s comment and take their advice on how to proceed from here.

The proper course of action when such a word is given to us seems to me a “no brainer”. Accept the “word” given and then do all you can to alter the situation. If you cannot change the reality, then you must learn to live with it.

The great challenge for most of us is in the area of learning to live with a problem that cannot be resolved. Certainly if we can alter the equation to produce a more desirable future we will exert all of our energies to accomplish that end.

Our text speaks to both the timing and the content of the “word” spoken. Sometimes we seem unprepared for the “word” we need to hear. Hopefully the one offering the advice is sensitive to our capacity to hear what needs to be said. However, the word must come at some point whether we are ready or not if it is needed and we must listen, like it or not.

Then, the word needs to be good, accurate, and hopefully suggestive of remedial activity. This is perhaps why the Gospel is called “Good News”. It is our Creator’s assessment of our situation and the way of ultimate deliverance.

The Bible offers bad news and good news. First, the bad news is that we cannot help ourselves as we seek a relationship with our Creator. Second, the Good News is that God has made a way back to Himself through Jesus Christ and the work He accomplished on both the cross and the empty tomb.

Are you ready for God to speak to you and give you a good word spoken at the right time? Do not turn a deaf ear to God. He offers a remedy in Jesus that is eternally effective.

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