What are they worth?

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.”
Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - What are they worth?The alpine zone on mountains is that area above where trees grow. Now very many people visit that region and take holidays there! It is not accessible except to the most hardy of souls.

One dear friend of mine trains all year long with his wife in order to make rugged treks to alpine regions. I know of no other person among my many acquaintances who tackles such an endurance contest.

Yet, at such high altitudes where almost no one ever visits there are a host of magnificently beautiful flowers to observe. Now why would such beauty be so inaccessible as that? What is the worth of having this remarkable foliage where no one sees it?

Now these are certainly not the most pressing questions on your mind as you face your issues in life today. However, I ask you to think about them for a moment. Who gets to savour the exquisite beauty of those flowers that may grow and finish their lives up there and no one ever sees them?

Well, for one thing, the Creator Who made them takes delight in them. No one in the world may ever see and appreciate them but God delights in their unheard testimony to His artistry and love of beauty. Indeed God does make everything beautiful in its time.

To the God who made those beautiful flowers the are worth much. For the rest of us who do not see them they are useless.

I would like those of my readers who feel they are unseen and unacknowledged in life to remember that you are made in the image of God and He loves His handiwork. You may be unknown to almost the entire world’s population yet God sees and knows all about you.

When we seek to live our lives for the God who made us the fact no one else knows is is irrelevant. Perhaps no one notices you but you may be sure God does. This truth can both comfort and afflict.

If we live without regard for our Maker then the fact He pays attention to us is rather inconvenient. We wish He did not see us. We want Him to go away. But if we have come to love and submit to our Creator it is wonderful news that He has made us beautiful for His own delight and joy.

Are you a person who gives joy to your Maker because you are in a relationship with Him? Have you come to Him through Jesus and called on Him to make you a part of His kingdom? If so, then do not worry that no one in this world sees or knows you. To God you are worth everything. You are a delight to Him and that is enough.

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