A “privilege” you might wish to forgo

“…he looks upon the lowly…”
Psalm 138:6

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - A “privilege” you might wish to forgoThe work the Lord has appointed me to do in this life is to mingle with the “lowly” and those whom circumstances have made them “lowly”. The daily routine for me is to pray, study the Word of God, do some writing, and go and see people who have been humbled by the sorrowful circumstances of life. I did not choose this career. I would have loved to study and practice medicine if my youthful preference was known.

However, the Lord has given me this unique work to do of comforting those who are in pain emotionally or physically. Now that I am decades into this career, I love it. I have never looked back and have no regrets about where time has found me.

The truly remarkable people I have met have taught me much about how to live and trust our Creator. For the most part these people are unknown and unnoticed by the world. Yet to my mind they cast a much longer shadow in the history of humanity than any celebrity could hope to.

These “unsung heroes” of faith demonstrate the amazing grace of God in remarkable ways. One dear man I have come to love has attended the funerals of two wives and now struggles to be both mother and father to his little girls. Living in what may be the poorest country in the world, he keeps serving God and does not look back.

A dear woman I know lives alone in a tiny house and looks out at life from the vantage point of a wheel chair. Her life could be filled with regrets such as never being married or having the joy of children, never being totally self-reliant, instead needing assistance each and every day. She might complain about her many ailments but rather she radiates love and joy as she travels through life. I have never heard one word of complaint cross her lips in the years I have had the privilege of knowing her.

Another person was a woman who spent 50 years in a nursing home, blind, and totally bedridden. She was such a treat to visit and listen to as she spoke lovingly of her Saviour and Lord. Totally submissive to what God had allowed in her life she was loved and respected by all the staff that served her over the years.

Many of my friends ask me, “Gordon, how can you handle so much suffering in your daily experience?” My answer is simply that I walk with the heroes of the Christian faith and I love their company. It is my privilege to serve them any way I can as I seek to remind them each visit that God “looks upon the lowly”. My occupation is indeed a “privilege” many of my acquaintances would happily forgo. They simply do not understand what it is to walk with the real giants of this life.

Maybe you feel that the world has passed you by because you never married, your loved one died young, you have a child who suffers, or you live with debilitating illness that imprisons you somehow.  It may be some other problem that was not looked for by you and is certainly unwanted. Whatever your issue, always remember that the God who made you sees you in your lonely place in life.

Are you happy to have the company of the Lord in spite of not having the accolades of the world? Is God enough? The people I see daily all say a resounding, “Yes!” May you have grace to say the same.

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