What about Jesus?

“Are you the Coming One,
or should we look for another?”
Luke 7:20

When I was a boy living on my grandmother’s farm I recall in detail the harness the horses wore. One part of their harness was what we called the “blinkers”. They were on the sides of their eyes and stopped their peripheral vision. All the field of vision the horses needed was straight ahead of them and the blinkers prevented them being spooked by what they might see to the side or rear. The horses never seemed to object and it let them concentrate on where we directed them without distraction.

The question in our text is one that has been asked by people through the ages. Who is this Jesus of Nazareth? What is He all about? The disciples who asked this question of Jesus had certain expectations about the “Coming One” that Jesus did not seem to fulfil so they had some doubts about who He was. They had assumed that Jesus would bring judgement to the world and at the time they spoke to Him no such thing had happened.

These men were not the only people in history who have struggled to decide just who Jesus really was and is. No more important question can be asked of us than, “What do you think of Jesus?”

It is so sad that many people come to the examination of our Lord with very big “blinkers” on their eyes and can only see in Him what they previously decided He must be. For example some people deny that Jesus could be God in human form. Thus when they come to the various Scriptures that tell us of His deity they dismiss the texts as later additions. They suggest that Jesus’ followers put those words in His mouth to “dress Him up”. They insist that it cannot be the real Jesus saying He is God.

Others may come to the Bible thinking that if God is really a God of love then why does He allow such great suffering in the world He made. These are blinkers to hide many things from our vision and prevent us from seeing clearly the whole story about Jesus.

If you try to decide who Jesus really is just from your own experiences, you are as “blind” as horses with blinkers. You do not get the whole picture, rather you only see part of it. In Scripture we see in the first few chapters of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, that God made the world good.

Then humanity introduced evil into God’s perfect creation (Genesis 3). However, God did not give up on us rather, at the time evil came into the world, God made a promise that One would come who would triumph over Satan (Genesis 3:15). The rest of the entire Bible is the story of this One who would come to defeat Satan and give new life to the people of God.

Throughout the ages great comfort has come to people with faith in Jesus as the One who is the only true God. They do not believe Jesus is just a nice man who lived a long time ago, rather they understand He is the God man who came to bring salvation to his people and provide for them ultimate deliverance from this sad world.

Who do you see when you look at Jesus? Is He only a great teacher or is He the One who can provide you with grace to endure now and give you a glorious hope for eternity? Your answer will determine what you receive from Him. I urge you to take off the blinkers of prejudice or ignorance that you may be wearing. Have a good look and see that He is indeed God Almighty. He is fully able to carry you through all the pain of this life and grant you entrance into the new world prepared for the people of God.

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