“Why doesn’t God do something about it?”

“Do not judge or you too will be judged.”
Matthew 7:1

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - “Why doesn’t God do something about it?”A long time ago, in a lecture hall far away, a professor was filling my mind with psychological concepts. One such concept was “projection”. This is a case where a person cannot consciously admit to a personal problem so “projects” it onto another and criticizes that person for the problem they have.

They are guilt ridden with their issue and need to recognize and criticise the behaviour. Hence they look at someone else, “see” in that person their own problem and then comment negatively at what they “see” in the other. Relief may be felt that the issue is criticised, but they are safe from concern as it is now someone else’s problem via “projection” and not theirs.

Sometimes I sense that certain people who complain about the suffering in the world and then ask, “Why doesn’t God do something about it?” are involved with projection. This group of people who make such complaints about God are people who never do anything themselves to help the poor and suffering. Guilt overcomes them for their neglect of the needy, but they cannot consciously admit their own hard heartedness in the situation.

Instead of asking themselves why they are not helping with their personal resources, they ask why God is not doing something. They spend all their spare cash on themselves and refuse to contribute to relief organizations. Why they do not see their own hypocrisy in the matter escapes me. When they judge God they are telling us their own problem, they judge themselves as Jesus said.

For those who send relief to the suffering and then ask such a question, we must say that there is not a clear answer sometimes. However, we should recognize that God gives some people in the world more than they need in order to have them support those who cannot help themselves.

Some of us may not have the monetary resources to do much for say, famine relief in Africa. But there are people around us who need the comfort of a regular visit or a card, or some meals that they can easily warmed up in their stove. Perhaps some of us can only make a phone call. Remember that when we speak to those in difficulty we need to remember what they told us so that next time we talk to them we can ask about the issue they mentioned.

One shut-in I know regularly phones or emails people in pain and with her cheerful manner ministers effectively to them. She has a fine memory and easily recalls the detail of the person she speaks to in order to demonstrate compassion. It is very rewarding to see how she uses her time in the wheelchair to be a blessing to others.

Are you able to turn your own suffering into something good for another? Who can you reach out to today to comfort right at the time you may need comfort yourself?

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2 thoughts on ““Why doesn’t God do something about it?”

  1. Bill Kugler says:

    Good Helpful hints.
    Sure hits home when a Loved one passes, and one is guilty of not regularly calling or visit.

    Reminds me of the passage when Jesus spoke saying:
    When I was hungry you fed me, In jail and you visited me….etc.

    Thanks for the instruction in Righteousness.
    Have a good day!

    • Gordon Rumford says:

      Thanks for your encouragement Bill. May it be the prayer of us all, “Lord help me to live as I will wish I had when I meet you in judgment.”

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