When all else fails…

“…then the Lord will take me up.” Psalm 27:10

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - When all else fails…I was in conversation with a friend younger than myself recently who still had children at home. There was some concern that the children were not learning to be independent of him and he asked about how to achieve this plateau in his relationship with them.

The first step in him resolving his problem was to recognize that parents need to strive to become unnecessary (though still wanted) in their children’s lives. By that I mean that the children learn about budgeting their income and seeking financial independence from their parents, how to look objectively and analytically at problems facing them and not have kneejerk reactions to the issue, and so on.

The author of our verse is sorrowing over his enemies’ attacks. It seems he had a variety of ways he was being distressed in life. From all directions the enemies have started to attack him. He says he is surrounded by those who hate him. The writer even talks about the time when those who gave him life depart. He seems to refer to his own parents’ death as a great loss in life.

This is where our verse for today comes in. Even when those closest to him, his parents are gone, then the Lord will take him up. It is as though he is saying that his situation is not hopeless as long as God is with him. Parents do eventually leave us and we may sorely miss their love and loyalty. However, with our heavenly Father, there is no parting. He will never leave of forsake us.

Perhaps you are in the position where you can no longer call home and have a loving parent console you or offer the encouragement or wisdom that you need to carry on in your situation. Our Father in heaven has given us much wisdom in the Bible. In fact there is a whole class of writings in the Bible called wisdom literature. Proverbs is one such section of the Bible.

If you need assistance beyond wisdom, you might turn to the sections where great hope is offered to those who follow the Lord. The Psalms are filled with help for this need.  All of us require reasons for going on when the going gets tough. Scripture will energize the weary in heart and provide fresh zeal for life. This might be where you need to go.

Perhaps you feel all alone in your times of need. A look at how alone Jesus was when He suffered for His people will help you to renew your strength so that you do not give up. This is the message of Hebrews 12:3 where it says, “Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.” (NIV)

Having a quiet time to read the narratives in the Gospels of the suffering of Jesus has helped many people renew their energy to push on in the tough times. Nothing will draw you closer to your Creator than to refresh your memory on what Jesus suffered for us. When all else fails, read the Bible, God’s User’s Guide to Life.

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