Who is in charge anyway?

“…let these men go.” John 18:9 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries Daily Devotional - Who is in charge anyway?It is certainly an embarrassing time when the police pull us over for some driving offense. We have broken the rules and know we deserve to have a summons issued, but it still smarts when we are finally given the ticket and told to get on our way.

Now suppose you were stopped for speeding and you happened to be late for an appointment and hence exceeded the limit. Would you say to the officer that you could not take time now to be stopped so you were going to leave and he/she could stop someone else who was not pressed for time?

Somehow I would hope that you would not try to tell the officer what was going to happen. You are not in a position to take charge of the situation. The police are in charge and that is what keeps society running smoothly. You do what the police say, it is not the other way around.

In the scene from which I chose our verse for today, Jesus is being arrested by the police of the time. Is Jesus out of order to tell the arresting officers that they must let His disciples off the hook? Why does He do what we would not dare to do to the police?

Jesus orders the arresting police to let His disciples flee from the scene. Remember just an hour or so before they had pledged to stay with Him to the death (Mark 14:31). Are we not the same? We often think we can do more for our Creator than we are able. We may have made promises to our Creator that somehow we have not kept. Perhaps we have “forgotten” our promise to the Lord or else the enemy has overtaken us and we could not do as we pledged.

It does not matter how powerful the threat against the child of God, Jesus is able to control the situation. He comes alongside the threatened member of His church to dictate to the enemy just exactly what is going to happen.

Perhaps you are like the frightened disciples and more concerned to escape the problem than to pay attention to the fact Jesus is there and controlling everything. Surely the terrified disciples were not appreciating what Jesus was doing, they just needed a way to get away from the threat.

Whether the disciples recognized it or not, Jesus was in charge even though it appeared that the Roman soldiers were. It seems fascinating that when the soldiers bound the hands of the Son of God, He was clearly the One Who was in control.

Is it not like some situations we find ourselves in today? It appears that God is not with us, or has abandoned us as we look around at what is happening. We cannot imagine ourselves finding a way out of the mess. Then, suddenly, everything opens up for us to escape the threat. Jesus has spoken the powerful word and we are free!

Is Jesus in charge of your situation? Have you given up control of your life to your Creator? If not, why not? Recognize that He will always work for the eternal good of His people. Perhaps you need to ask Him to take over your life and direct it as He decides best. You will never regret submitting to His loving reign in your life.

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