Eyes in the back of his head

“You know when I sit down and when I rise
you perceive my thoughts from afar…
you are familiar with all my ways.”
Psalm 139:2-3

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - Eyes in the back of his head

In my mid to late teens I was a rebel. I ran with the wrong crowd and loved it. Nothing made me happier than to be on the opposite side of what was allowed in society. One day I was playing hooky from school with some buddies and we went down into the Don Valley in Toronto to scare up some excitement. There is a very high and long bridge that spans the valley at Danforth Avenue. This bridge allowed cars to travel from one side of the valley to the other.

I decided to show off to my companions and climbed up the girders to the catwalk that ran along under the bridge. It must have been a couple of hundred feet above the floor of the valley. To get to the catwalk I had to walk across an I-beam that was about 12 inches wide.

I pretended to be swaying and about to lose my balance as I walked across the narrow I-beam in order to tease my friends far below in the valley. It was great fun and I never thought of how dangerous it was or that I could easily have fallen and died.

The next morning I forged a letter from my mother to admit me back to school seeing I had played hooky the previous day to explore the Don Valley. I thought nothing of writing the letter of admission and signing my mother’s name to it. Various times I had dipped into her purse and taken money for cigarettes or other things I felt I needed. What was a forged note?

When I was caught by my parents for some wrong action I would seek to lie my way out of it and often I was successful. I did not have any conscience about stealing from my family or lying to them in order to escape trouble.

What I never considered at the time was that God saw me and that fact was all that was necessary to find me guilty. I thought I was free from any penalty for my actions because my parents did not have “eyes in the back of their heads” to see my sin. They only saw what I wanted them to see.

However, God sees all of us all the time and that fact is disturbing. I thought that because my parents did not find out my rebellion that I was safe. But then the Bible shone its light onto my dark pathway and made it clear that I was not hiding from Him as I was from my family.  Moreover, as our verse today makes clear, God knew all my thoughts as well. That really made me nervous because I sure had a dreadful thought life.

This notion of a God who sees everything became exceptionally disturbing to me. I felt I had no place to hide from the searching gaze of a holy God. It was then that I heard of One who had died that sinners might live. God opened my eyes to see that Jesus had died that I might live and be forgiven all my sins. I ran to the place of safety in Jesus and through faith in Him I was released from my guilt before my Creator.

Reader your most important need is to be released from the guilt of your sins. Your problems in this life are pale in comparison to the importance of being right with God. Jesus suffered so much more than any of us and did it so sinners might gain release from the debt of sin. Come to Him today and seek what He freely offers to us all. You may hide from everyone except God. He has eyes in the back of His head.

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