Talking nonsense

“The heavens declare the glory of God” Psalm 19:1

Gordon Rumford Ministries Daily Devotional - Talking nonsenseCan you imagine walking along the beach with a university professor and the two of you are having a fine conversation. Then as you look down at the sand, you see an iPod complete with ear phones simply lying there. You pick it up, put the earphones on and suddenly there is Mozart’s music playing. Now, what would you think if the professor commented that the iPod just happened and there was no manufacturer behind the thing.

What would you think about the intelligence of the professor? I am sure you would think him silly at best and not very intelligent at worst. The iPod certainly demonstrates purpose and design. It is not just pieces of plastic and electronic things that happened to come together. Someone or something made it so we could listen to music on it. Everyone would agree that something with purpose and is complicated must have a designer behind it.

Now there are some university professors around the world that look at something vastly more complex that an iPod and they say that it just happened. Nothing made it, it just occurred somehow without a designer. What I refer to is the universe. It shows remarkable complexity but some people refuse to believe that it has purpose or that someone created it.

Why will these people agree that something rather simple like an iPod had to have a creator and then turn around and say that something so remarkably complex as our universe did not have a designer behind it? It seems they do not wish to believe in God and so must deny the universe had a creator.

Once we see that we need to be consistent with our judgments on how things come to be, we will admit there is someone behind the universe we observe. Our problem is in the area of circumstances that do not seem to make sense. If we have the notion that God is kind and loving, how can we account for the pain and suffering He lets go on in His world?

What we need to do when tragedy comes our way is to look around us and see that there is a lot that does work well in the universe in spite of the pain we experience and the confusion our minds sense about our difficult situation. This is how God answered Job when he sought to make sense of his personal tragedy.

Job simply could not see anything logical or sensible in his suffering. God pointed Job to the universe and its wonders to help him understand that there is sense and order in the universe even when his life situation is nonsense. (See Job 38-41)

The Psalmist without all the technological astronomical advantages we enjoy could still look at the heavens and witness the glory of the Creator. We also may be filled with wonder and praise for the Creator when we investigate the amazing wisdom and power that went into the creation of the universe. Will you seek to lift your eyes above the sorrow in your personal life and gaze for a few moments at the enormous power and wisdom that went into the formation of our universe? God is indeed great and greatly to be praised. Call on this all powerful One to come to your aid with the needed resources for you to rise above the problems you face today. He waits for you to call on Him.

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