Crying in public

“Jesus wept” John 11:35

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - Crying in publicToday I was meeting a new widow in a local Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop. I arrived first, bought my coffee, and walked to a vacant table to sit down. As I approached the table I heard crying and saw a sorrowful scene.

There was a teenage girl sitting with what I presumed to be her parents. She was red eyed from weeping. As I passed them I heard the man say to his daughter, “I will always love you no matter what. This is between your mom and me.”

It did not take me long to figure out that the young girl had just heard that her parents were splitting. That was what made her cry. Her father was trying to assure her that he and her mom still loved her, no matter what else was happening in their lives. My heart went out to them but there was nothing I could do to help stop the pain they were experiencing. Life is complicated and there are no easy solutions to many of its circumstances.

However, there is always hope because Jesus came and suffered himself so that His people could know comfort in this life’s difficult circumstances as well as eternal joy. Jesus saw our misery, left His glory behind and suffered on our behalf in order to ensure that both He and we would have eternal pleasure.

All the glory and joy of heaven was left behind and our blessed Lord came to us and wept and bled and died in order to lift us from our sin and sorrow into the eternal joys of His presence forever. His love for sinners led Him to the cross and all the humiliation that preceded it. Those for whom He died can never get to the bottom of His love.

Do you know this love in your life? Can you understand that you are so very precious to Jesus that He would willingly endure such sorrow for you? Can you look at the message of Easter and not be profoundly moved by such an exhibition of love? Let your heart and mind be moved today at the singular love of Jesus and embrace this love for yourself. Jesus invites you to come, be loved, and be joyful for time and eternity.

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