Being on the right side

“If God is for us, who can be against us?”
Romans 8:31

Gordon Rumford Ministries Daily Devotional - Being on the right sideDuring an especially difficult time for the northern forces in the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln was meeting with his army leaders. One by one they spoke of how the southern states were winning and how the north was losing. Lincoln, of course, was commander-in-chief of the northern army and had the final say in what to do.

One President Lincoln’s generals asked him, “Mr. President, do you think God is on our side?” Abraham Lincoln responded, “That is not the question. The question is, are we on God’s side.” President Lincoln said many wise things during his lifetime. This stands out as one of the greatest.

When life gets to be too much for us we can sometimes wonder if God is with us or not. We may ask ourselves if He really is on our side. Why would we suffer so if God was really with us? However, the proper question, as the President of the United States asked so long ago, is, “Are we on God’s side?”

In Scripture we read of the fact that in this life God’s people will suffer just as others suffer. Becoming a child of God through faith in the resurrected Jesus does not excuse us from the common difficulties of humanity. We may have the same illnesses, the same accidents, the same broken relationships that are common to humankind.

The commitment that God makes to believers in Jesus is not that He will help us escape the sorrows of this life. No, rather He promises to give us the grace and strength to persevere through whatever problems we encounter in our journey through life. God is the travelling companion for all who desire to walk in His way, to serve Him, and be His people.

The question in our verse today is one that carries its own answer. What the question is saying to us is, “If God is with us no one, nor anything can prevail against us. God is more than sufficient for any need of His people. God’s resources will never be exhausted in the defence of His beloved people.

We may come to the end of our resources in dealing with life’s alternatives, but God’s supply will never run out. If you read Isaiah 40, the entire chapter, you will see that compared to our God, all the enemies we meet in life are like a “drop in the bucket” Isaiah 40:15. Toward the end of that glorious chapter in Isaiah, we read of the strength of youth failing but those who have their hope in God shall find their strength renewed.

How earnestly I pray that my readers will come to their Creator and call on Him to give them abundant resources to handle the problems they face. Remember when you were small and you may have thought your earthly father was the strongest man in the world? Well you grew up and learned that your physical father was not as strong as you once thought.

You may have been mistaken about your father in this life, but you cannot be mistaken about the infinite resources of your Father in heaven. You cannot think too highly of the God Who made you Christian. Come now and recognize that you are on God’s side and that side will prevail in the end even though for now the battle is heavy. God ultimately wins.

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