“Work hard and cheerfully”

“He did not spare his own Son,
but gave him up for us all…”
Romans 8:32 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - “Work hard and cheerfully”When my children were young I always told each one as they left for school, “Work hard and cheerfully.”

I had a great desire that they would put their best effort into whatever they did. I also wished them to get satisfaction out of their day’s work. I am happy that all five of my adult children have a good work ethic.

They all try to do a good job for their employer, for their marriage partner, etc., and they have learned the pleasure that comes from a job well done.

Today’s devotional extends the thought from yesterday’s verse. The apostle Paul is seeking to strengthen the faith of the readers of his letter and he is here describing the effort our Maker has put into our salvation.

A series of questions are listed by Paul following his statement that everything ultimately works for the good of God’s children.

Today I sat with a widow whose husband left for heaven a little over a year ago. We discussed the pain of separation by death and how it turns our world upside down. As young adults when we say the marriage vows that include the words “…until death parts us.”

We never give a serious thought that if Jesus does not come first one of us will die and leave the other alone.

In our youth we are healthy and we have all of our adult lives ahead of us and so we dream that we are immortal. Death is just for old people. We have no desire to cloud our youthful zeal and joy with the dark reality of death. Yet, it is a reality we do well to face.

In our passage the verses speak of God the Father giving up His Son to death for us. Paul then makes the deduction that if God would do something so monumental, so staggering as sacrifice His beloved Son for us, how can we think that God will not give us the lesser things needed.

If God met our greatest need which was salvation, how can we possibly believe that He will not meet all of the lesser needs that come along?

Well, of course God is going to meet every need of every one of His children. God works very hard (in human terms) to address our concerns in life and He did it willingly. We therefore must believe He is going to do the other things that must be done for our daily living.

Again, I remind my readers that if you wish to determine how much God loves you never look first at your situation. Look first and for the most part at what happened 2,000 years ago just outside of Jerusalem. There God showed to us the riches of His love toward us in the sacrifice of His Son. When you look at the issues you face on a daily basis you will also see evidences of God’s love for you.

Look for God’s blessing on you in the past starting with salvation and then face the present conflict with a strong faith that God will do everything needed to assist you to conquer the enemies that are at your door. If God is for you nothing nor anyone can be successful in attacking you. Rest in that truth and enjoy the peace of God that surpasses understanding.

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