The blind man who saw

“…he saw a man blind from birth.”
John 9:1 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries Daily Devotional - The blind man who sawOne of the most hilarious characters in the Bible is the man whose story is told in the Gospel of John chapter 9. His early life as a child and young adult was pitiful because he lived in a world of darkness. That did not stop him from being a highly intelligent, very honest, and witty individual.

The story relates how Jesus came to the place where this man was. The disciples questioned Jesus about the cause of the man’s affliction. In Jesus’ time darkness was the sign of a curse from God and so the disciples decided that the darkness the blind man lived in had to be a curse from God for sin on his part or his parents. They wanted to know who caused the sin.

Jesus’ response was to take the attention away from the cause of the medical problem to have the disciples consider what purpose could be served by the affliction. The reason Jesus gave for this man spending so many years in darkness was so that “…the work of God might be displayed in his life.” Jesus here points out that any one of us may be left in a sad situation for some time, so that when it pleases God the burden would be lifted.

God is the true healer and this man in the story was the proof of that fact. God, in the person of Jesus, did a work that no doctor could and the man was liberated in minutes. The man who was healed did not complain about the years of blindness, what was wonderful to him was that whereas he was blind, now he could see.

The enemies of Jesus wanted to discredit Jesus and prove a miracle did not take place. They questioned the man first and then his parents. They asked how it was that he could now see and the man honestly stated how Jesus had made some mud, applied it to his eyes and told him to go wash and when he obeyed he could see.

It happened that the day on which this all took place was the Jewish Sabbath. The people who questioned the man were teachers of the law and in their teaching on what was wrong on the Sabbath, there was comment that making mud and healing on the Sabbath were both sin. A doctor could not work on the Sabbath unless the patient would die that day if he did not intervene.

Because Jesus had made mud on the Sabbath and had healed the man when his life was not in danger the teachers were confident Jesus had sinned. So in front of the man they declared that Jesus was a sinner. The man is delightful when he says that he did not know if Jesus was a sinner but one thing he did know was that Jesus had healed him.

This man continued the work of exalting Jesus when he called on the teachers who slandered our Lord to reconsider their position in light of the fact it was unheard of for a mere man to heal someone born blind (John 9:30-33). His logic was clear and precise. The objectors to Jesus kicked the man out from their presence.

Jesus is all He said He was and proved it by such amazing signs. Do you believe in Him? Will you turn your burdens over to Him to carry for you? Jesus is forever the same. He still does what others cannot. He takes sinners and makes them into saints. He causes depressed people to be joyful. He turns people from the way that leads to eternal ruin and causes them to enter into eternal delight. Where are you today? Has Jesus caused you to see?

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