Rich in what?

“…life does not consist in the abundance of…possessions.”
Luke 12:15 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - Rich in what?The man was wealthy beyond a poor person’s wildest dream. As we sat and talked he told me of his very lonely and sad existence alone in his mansion. There was nothing money could buy that was too expensive for him to acquire. According to him he had it all and he had nothing.

How many people would trade riches for love? How many would exchange wealth for acceptance. We can read various magazines of people who have gone from “rags to riches” via acting or some other means. Yet these same people abuse drugs more than the general population. The divorce rate of Hollywood stars is very high and some have been married 5-6 or more times in a search for happiness.

Even though the U.S.A. has only 5% of the world’s population it has the dubious honour of consuming 80% of the world’s cocaine. What is wrong with this picture? Will riches make us happy? Well judging from a casual observation of the world’s most wealthy people the answer seems to be a resounding “No.”

What is wrong with people when we see that wealth will not satisfy the craving heart? What is the missing ingredient? What has to be added to the mix in order for a person with wealth to find happiness?

A remarkable English poet George Herbert wrote a poem entitled The Pulley that seems to suggest a good answer to the sorrows of riches. I recall studying this poem in grade 7 here in Ontario, Canada. The answer was “rest”. That was what Herbert said God left out of the treasures He gave to humanity. Only by turning to our Creator will we find rest and contentment according to the poet.

Throughout history there have been people born to wealth that gave it all away to relieve suffering in the lives of others. Motivated by their Christian principles they decided that they found contentment and peace through the presence of God as they made their journey through life.

These generous people found no peace or contentment in life because they were rich in money, rather they found themselves to be wealthy because they know their Creator. Knowing the Lord makes us rich in a treasure that inflation and thieves can never destroy.

In what way are you rich today? Perhaps you cannot buy the health you desire, or you cannot purchase peace of mind on the stock market. Your Creator calls on you to come to Him and be given the priceless gift of eternal life. This is a treasure that is so expensive that no amount of money can buy it.

Eternal life is to know and enjoy God. Do you have this priceless treasure? Are you rich in what really counts? Do you value the wrong things? True life, eternal life consists in being known by God. It consists in knowing God and having Him forever. Will you come and seek this treasure today?

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