A promise made: a promise kept

“So shall we ever be with the Lord”
1 Thessalonians 4:17

Most of us have made promises we have broken. Some promises are not all that significant in light of some situations in life. We might promise to bring home some bread and milk but forget. Life goes on in such situations and no one is dramatically changed because of such a promise being given but not kept.

Other promises are of a much more serious nature and when broken leave people scarred for life. I think of marriage vows that are not kept. The marriage vow said for better or worse. But when the worse came along the partner fled because they did not wish to be with someone who perhaps was suddenly in a wheelchair for life. Or someone else more interesting, or younger came along and the “until death do us part” seems long forgotten.

Even when a child is promised that the needle the doctor is about to give “will not hurt” but the needle does hurt, a relationship is undermined. The child realises their parent or guardian has just lied to them and trust disappears.

Broken promises lie at the bottom of many heart aches in life. As we help people pick up the pieces of a shattered life we can feel their pain as they struggle to make sense of the situation. No one told them that life would be this hard to cope with. When they were younger they thought they could conquer the world. Now they find it hard to get out of bed in the morning and face another day of grief and suffering.

Being left behind or deceived can be exceptionally painful and sometimes makes a person cynical about everyone. How can you trust a promise if you have had some broken by people who should be trustworthy?

As we study the life of Jesus we are able to witness how many promises made by God in the Old Testament about Jesus came true. Not one promise about Jesus’ first coming failed to be fulfilled. God demonstrated complete honestly in His promises about what would happen at the first coming of Jesus. So if God had a perfect track record concerning Jesus’ first coming why should we doubt Him regarding the promises of Jesus’ second coming.

With God a promise given is a promise kept. We cannot compare God to a faithless spouse, a lying parent, or a deceitful salesperson. God’s history is without fault. No one can ever say, “Well here God made a promise but did not keep it.” God’s word is His bond.

Have you tested the faithfulness of God to His promises today? What promise of God do you need fulfilled in your life right now? In Malachi 3:10 God puts out a challenge to His people to prove Him by bringing into His house their tithes and offerings. He says that when they do they shall be blessed beyond computing. The Bible has many promises and they are very suitable to your difficult situation. Come and prove God now.

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