Faster than instant

“Before they call I will answer;
while they are still speaking I will hear.”
Isaiah 65:24 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - Faster than instantMany years ago I recall a certain manufacturer’s ad that said their product was “Faster than instant”. I certainly recall the slogan but cannot remember what the product was that happened to be advertised as being so speedy. At the time the ad was popular I recall being amused at the illogical expression that would dare to suggest that something could actually be faster than instant.

It seemed to me that nothing could be faster than instant and so I wondered who the manufacturer was trying to kid. Possibly the people behind the slogan were just exaggerating in order to make their point. That is quite a legitimate way of speaking and Jesus even used it with people at times.

For example Jesus said in Matthew 5:29 “If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away.” (NIV) Most Christians reading these words do not think that Jesus paused in his teaching in order for people whose right eye was causing them to sin to have time to gouge it out. Jesus said that if your right hand led you into sin you should cut it off. Again, no one thought that Jesus passed round a sword in order for thieves in the group to cut off a hand. Jesus exaggerated in order to make a valid point.

But there are times when a very strong statement is said in the Bible where the person saying the strong statement really means it just as it was spoken. This is the case with our verse for today. God is speaking to His people and assuring them of His constant and perpetual care for them.

In order for the Lord to make emphatic His point that He will listen to His peoples’ prayers diligently and most certainly would act on what was heard, He seems to exaggerate in our text. Yet, the words of our text today go much farther than simple exaggeration. We are to understand that before the problem arrives in our lives God will be working out His sovereign will and shall bring along side us the needed help just at the best moment. God makes provision for our needs in times of trouble before the trouble arrives!

Help is on its way before we need help. I recall a situation recently where a couple was counselling with me. After they described the problem they faced I suggested we pray about it right then. They willingly agreed, so I asked them to bow their heads with me and I prayed that they would find a solution to the difficulty.

When I finished the prayer the man asked to be excused in order to answer his cell phone. When he re-entered the room he had a big smile on his face. God had intervened in their lives and a good solution was waiting for them when they went home that night. Such is the kindness of our God. At times He simply intervenes and has the solution there just when we discover there is a need.

Will you take this verse for today to the Lord and call on Him to be faithful to you? If you are a child of God He waits for you to use this promise to obtain what is needed in your situation. Come to Him armed with this verse and call on Him to fulfill its amazing truth for you.

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