The disposable society

“If only for this life we have hope in Christ,
we are to be pitied more than all men.”
1 Corinthians 15:19 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - The disposable societyHaving lived for a number of decades, I have observed our society shift its focus from durability to obsolescence. In some instances things we make now do last longer than 60+ years ago. For example cars these days are far more durable and comfortable. On the other hand medical equipment such as hypodermic needles are disposable and only used once. The garbage created by hospitals through disposable medical equipment is a problem for the city the hospital is in.

Most of us go on our way without a thought of the very serious problems being created by our disposable society which does not properly control the storage and destruction of such waste.

However, the disposable mentality has crept into our view of ourselves. When I was a young person it was estimated that the minerals and chemicals of a human body was worth 98 cents. Obviously most of us were worth much more alive than dead.

The philosophy of the average person in our society is that humans are nothing more than the highest form of life in the evolutionary chain. According to this view of the world, people are not worth any more in the grand scheme of things than a slug or an earthworm. We may be more socially sophisticated perhaps. We are nothing more than a living organism that is self aware, or self conscious.

The old saying that we die like dogs and return to mere dust is prevalent in many people’s minds. God did say to our first parents that they came from dust and to dust they shall return. However the teaching by God recorded in the Bible over the centuries gives more and more detail on how very precious we are in His sight. Scripture teaches that we are not only made in God’s image but we were made for His companionship.

Here is a dignity and value conferred on us by the Bible that the world does not understand. The Creator of the remarkably complex and sophisticated universe around us desires our company. Genesis, the first book in the Bible makes this abundantly clear. Genesis also tells us what went wrong in the universe and begins to tell us how God is going to bring His creation back into its rightful order free from the suffering and heartache it now experiences.

Human minds, darkened by sin, cannot make sense of life or offer hope to people. The Gospel news is that God, in Jesus Christ, has provided a way to come back to our Creator and have the hope of eternal life in the resurrected Jesus. Christians celebrate Christmas as the entrance of God into His creation to redeem a people for Himself. Easter is the guarantee that the work of God is done and His people will be delivered.

If you have not done so before consider the value that your Creator has placed upon you. You should not consider yourself simply a lot of atoms and molecules that exist for a moment. You were designed for eternity and for God’s presence.

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