A promise made is a promise kept

“All this took place to fulfil what the
Lord had said through the prophet.”
Matthew 1:22

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - A promise made is a promise keptI feel safe in assuming that those who read these devotionals are people of their word. That is, what you promise, you will perform. Most of us try not to make promises that we know we cannot fulfil. Also, when we make a promise we really intend to keep it. We believe that a promise made is a promise kept.

Sometimes though, we forget what we committed ourselves to do. Perhaps it was something simple such as not bringing home a loaf of bread or whatever because we were caught up in traffic and it went from our mind.

However, for the best of us, there are times when we are unable to do as we said. We commit to a particular task and then discover that we do not have the resources to keep the commitment. Perhaps we lose our job and now cannot do our part to support a missionary we know. Then again, the thing we promised to do requires more of our time than we have to give.

For various reasons we can fall short of our promise and we sense that we have failed in our commitment. This happens and those we let down are usually understanding of our dilemma and will allow us to quit before the job is done.

However, with our Creator, we have One who has all the resources necessary to do what He promises. He also has knowledge of the future because He overrules it and can therefore cause His promise to be fulfilled. Nothing takes God by surprise. Nothing comes along to deflect Him from His chosen path. God is also infinitely wise and is able to organize the future so everything will come to pass as He plans.

One of the most amazing demonstrations of God’s faithfulness is to be seen in the matter of fulfilled prophecy. There were many things promised by God concerning the first coming of Jesus. God planned the first Christmas to happen in a very detailed manner. The timing of our Lord’s Advent, the place of His birth, the miraculous conception of our Lord, and many more things written long before the events happened.

By fulfilling His promises exactly, God has made it clear that He is fully in charge of creation and is running the universe exactly as He desires. This fact alone should cause us to have great faith in all that He says. The entire first coming of Jesus has happened according to God’s plan. So when we celebrate this year let us be joyful to know that a sovereign God rules over everything for the good of His people.

Now if all the promises relating to Jesus’ first coming are all fulfilled exactly as prophesied, what should we think about all the prophecies of His second coming. God proved faithful regarding the promises about Jesus coming in a humble, quiet manner the first time. Now we read in the Bible many prophecies about His second coming that will be very public, with trumpets and so on.

We may be certain that the promises of the second coming will all be fulfilled exactly as stated. May you this Christmas rejoice in the fact that God is as good as His word. May your celebration of Christmas bring you renewed hope about the return of Jesus in great glory and power to rule forever over all creation.

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