Turn My White Shirt Blue

“He answered, ‘A wicked and adulterous generation asks
for a miraculous sign!” Matthew 12:39 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - Turn My White Shirt BlueI well remember a time long ago when I was working for an electronics firm. I met a particular man who always dressed crisply and without a wrinkle in his shirt. He wore the standard white shirt of the day with a tie around the neck. His small moustache was trimmed perfectly. He was a fine employee for the company.

This particular day I had spoken of the Lord to him and his response to me was surprising. He quickly made it known that he did not believe in God. I asked what would convince him that God existed and was interested in him. His response was, “The day God turns my white shirt blue, I will believe in Him.”

While I was still a new Christian at the time with much to learn, I did know that his challenge to God was one that the Creator would not take up. God does not have to prove Himself to anyone. If we have eyes with which to see the beauties of creation, if we have ears to hear the carols of the song birds, if we can string two or more thoughts together, then we have all it takes to recognize that the world around us says much about the God who fashioned it.

Watching a common North American red tailed hawk soar in the sky is a wonderful tribute to God. Those birds could not say one word about the laws of aerodynamics and how to fly but nevertheless they use those laws to circle and circle a field looking for prey.

Consider the migration of monarch butterflies from Canada in the fall to Mexico and then their return in the spring. The butterfly does not have a calendar, it does not have GPS to guide it through thousands of miles of flight. Yet God has programmed its tiny brain to do all of that and much more.

What more does God need to do to prove His wisdom? The answer is an emphatic, “Nothing!” Yet some people want a magic show just like they did in the days of Jesus. They call on God to prove Himself with some interesting sleight of hand, or other amusing act and then they insist they will believe in Him.

People insist on their own personal miracle in order to commit themselves to God. God will not stoop to such a thing. He usually works through the laws of nature He has put in place. He does not interrupt the routine course of life in order to do something that will startle and amaze us.

Occasionally God does step into the normal course of events and do something we cannot explain. For example the resurrection of Jesus from the dead is a miracle that goes against our understanding of the world. When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead (John 11) He went against the normal flow of history. But Jesus did not raise many people from the dead. Nor did He create matter to feed people on a regular basis such as He did in John 6.

If we have a serious illness, we may ask for relief from the disease. However, we will usually find that the disease runs its course. We may certainly ask for grace to endure the health problem.

God has promised us assistance to cope with life’s difficulties. Being a Christian does not exempt us from trials, but it most certainly guarantees us the strength to endure and win the victory. Take courage child of God, you shall overcome in the grace of God.

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