The Proof Of The Pudding Is The Eating

“Believe me…on the evidence of the miracles…”
John 14:11 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - The Proof Of The Pudding Is The EatingThe phrase that is our title today originated in the early 1600’s. In modern times it has been shortened to “The proof is in the pudding.” What it means is that the results are what counts. If something is good and right it will show in what it produces. In many situations in life this is all that needs to be asked of the “pudding”. Does it taste good?

I thought of this phrase yesterday when I took a dear friend to a facility for convicted criminals. I desired to see a young man who had several convictions on his criminal record. It was my intent to urge the young person to seek the Lord for forgiveness of his obvious sins and to submit his life to the God Who made him.

The reason I took the older man with me was because my friend had an extensive criminal record many years ago himself. His crimes were of a most serious nature and he had spent some years in penitentiary.

When my friend and I met with the young offender it was a very interesting encounter. The minimum security facility was a peaceful looking place without barred windows and was tastefully decorated. The young person listened with rapt attention as the 87 year old man recalled his life of crime and how the Lord encountered him suddenly and caused him to stop his wild criminal career.

The elderly criminal never doubted that it was God Who turned his life around in an instant. The turning point for him was in the home of a missionary in Canada on furlough. My friend had decided that if the missionary started talking about Jesus he would spit in the man’s face. Such was his hatred for Christianity.

For reasons we do not know the missionary just spoke of life in general until he was helping the ex convict on with his coat to leave. Then my friend was asked, “Well…how about it?” The man who vowed to spit in the face of the missionary if religion was mentioned burst into tears and lost his will to resist the invitation of Jesus to be forgiven and to start new life.

Now, 60 and more years later the man who hated Christianity has spent his life telling others about the love of God for sinners. Even as he approaches 90 years of age he visits convicts who are willing to have a Bible study and he tells the story of Jesus and His love. The young man we saw yesterday thanked us very much for coming and said he wanted to see us again.

If you have a loved one who is resisting your efforts to bring them to Jesus, never give up. What they will not hear from you in words let them see in your life. This is what Jesus was seeking to make clear to the disciples so long ago. Jesus told them that if they did not believe what He said, then believe Him because of His miracles. A conversion to faith in Jesus is life from the dead. That is a great miracle in itself.

So pray on for your lost loved ones. Do not give up. God can make the blind eyes to see the truth. He can melt the stony heart. Do not let go of God on behalf of those lost in sin. Persist and believe in the power of God.

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