How Can You See what Is Invisible?

“So we fix our eyes…on what is unseen.” 2 Corinthians 4:18 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - How Can You See what Is Invisible?In the world around us there are various things that seem to be paradoxes. The very first paradox that I recall learning was in high-school physics. The teacher explained to the class that light can be explained as waves such as are seen on a body of water when it is disturbed, or it can be explained as particles travelling from the source to the observer.

The problem with this wave-particle duality is that you cannot have it both ways at the same time. So we recognize that in the realm of the physical world there are statements that seem contradictory at times.

In Scripture we also come across texts that appear to be in conflict with themselves. For example, in Hebrews 11:27, it says of Moses, “…he saw him who is invisible.” (NIV) How did Moses see God who is “invisible”?

Our text today is calling on us to do what we think is impossible. How can God and eternal things be seen? Well it is evident that the writers of Scripture are asking us to use a form of vision that takes us beyond our eyes in some ways.

In the context of our verse Paul makes reference to things that are eternal and contrasts them with what is “temporal”. He is seeking to have his readers look beyond the present world that is wasting away and look at the things that are going to last forever. Paul speaks of the eternal as glorious. If our hope is in what we see with our eyes we are miserable indeed. For what we see fades and wears out. Our bodies may remain in a state of good health for a time but inevitably our bodies wear out and we must lay the body aside. To make this world and its treasures our joy will most certainly bring sorrow in the end.

We must keep on looking at what is beyond this world in order to live effectively here and now. For those who are believers in Jesus, the Bible has a wealth of information on what lies ahead in Christ’s eternal presence. It is glorious indeed and our wildest imaginations of it cannot exceed the reality.

Only by “seeing” the future world with Christ can we effectively survive in this world with its trials and temptations. My great desire is that the readers of this devotional have had the Lord open their “eyes” to see what is not seen, and to desire what is in that glorious world  prepared for the followers of our Lord.

How can we “see” what is invisible? Only when the Lord opens our eyes to the truth in Jesus can we recognize that which is ahead for all who love Christ. In referring to the eternal things that the human eye has not seen, Paul says in 1 Corinthians 2:10, “God has revealed it to us by his Spirit.” (NIV).

Perhaps today you need to come to the realization that you are spiritually blind and in need of God giving you sight. Whatever your state, may it please God to enable you to fix your eyes on what is not seen.

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