The Way I See It

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts…” declares the Lord
Isaiah 55:8 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - The Way I See ItGrandchildren are indeed more fun that your own children. Today we were visiting one of our grandsons who is about 2 ½ years old. As my wife and his mother were engaged in talking he came up to me and said, “Wanna play Grandpa?” Play we did!

When we went to leave him and go home he got very upset and wanted to come to our house and leave his mother if necessary. It did not matter that we assured him he could help Mommy by staying home with her. His tears were genuine enough but we left none the less.

It is not really possible to explain clearly to such a little child just why we had to leave. Promises that we would see him another day did not dry his tears. He simply could not understand why we had to be on our way.

As adults we often think that we have the ability to understand all about life and often we are very confident that the best way for the world to run is the way we want it to run. Somehow we have an extremely high opinion of ourselves and think we know the best way for our lives to happen. It rarely occurs to some of us that we may have too much confidence in our own ideas on things.

Because we know so much more today than scientists did 50 years ago should not make us think we know it all. It is certainly true that the more we learn about our world, the greater our realisation that we know very little. We investigate more in the area of astronomy for example and what we really learn is how ignorant we are of what is happening out there in the universe.

We may think that we know how the world should be run, but the longer we live the more we recognize that life is far too complex for us to manage life on our own. The Creator of the physical universe with all its fabulous mechanisms and detailed organization must be so much wiser than we are.

We often want to reverse the trials we encounter in life and make everything go as we want it to. But we are really little better than my small grandson who wishes his world to run according to his plan.

We are in so much need of Someone vastly greater than we are to walk beside us and gently direct our steps through life. We are free to “Go it alone” if we choose, but hopefully we shall recognize that the God Who made everything is the One we so much need beside us to guide our footsteps.

Just as we do not understand so much about the physical creation even with all the efforts of scientists, so we really do not have what it takes to navigate ourselves through all the challenges of life.

Our verse today is a statement of the obvious. God, being so much greater than we are is going to do things we do not want Him to do, and do things we cannot understand. However, if we trust in Him and walk in His way, we shall eventually see that His way is the best way.

Will you take your problems to Him today and instead of asking for their removal ask for grace to endure? If you commit your way to Him He shall eventually show you that His way is indeed best.

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