A Hopeless Situation

 “…they have spoken against me with lying tongues.”
Psalm 109:2 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - A Hopeless Situation

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Today I wrote a group of psychological tests. One test asked true or false questions and many of them clearly focussed on the idea of the person being tested having a persecution complex. For example one question I remember was, “Do you suspect that people who smile at you are plotting against you?” Some people would answer “True” to that question. They really are suspicious of any friendly gesture by others toward them.

Yet, on the other hand, some people at times discover that someone or other really is plotting against them. We refer to it as “back stabbing” because they speak against us when we are not there to defend ourselves. People will do a lot to advance their own cause even if it means lying about another person to gain the advantage. Mark Twain once said, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.”

People who are lied about have little defence against the consequences of the lies told. Often they do not even hear that their character and honesty have been challenged until months after the lies have been spread.

My mother applied for a new position one time and gave her former employer as a reference. The employer made a number of untrue statements about my Mom and she did not gain the position. Years later she discovered the deceitful employer had made false statements about her and a number of other former employees. A class action law suit was initiated against the spiteful person but my mother did not take part.

You may find yourself today suffering because of the sin of someone else with a lying tongue. You may have lost good friends, lost out on a promotion at work, or had some other form of loss. What do you do about such things?

My best advice to people who have been lied against is to let the situation go. Do not make serious attempts to correct the wrong. Trying to stop the lies circulating and correcting your image is a lot like trying to collect ink after it has been poured into water. Certainly it is right to approach the individual who has harmed you and seek to sort out the matter if possible at the source.

Jesus was lied about in court when He was being tried for His life. Many witnesses testified. They contradicted each other, misrepresented Jesus’ words and our Lord made no attempt to correct the abuse. Jesus knew that there was a pay day coming and God would make all wrongs right.

If you are the victim of character assassination, seek to read the Gospels about our Lord’s trials and comfort yourself that you are in the greatest of company. Trust the Lord to correct the wrongs in His time. It is a hopeless case for you to seek to correct the damage that has been done. Rest in the knowledge that your Judge knows the truth, and quietly wait for the day when He assembles the world before Him in judgment and then you will have your day in court. Then God will right the wrong. Be patient and wait on the Lord.

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