A Special Treasure

then you shall be my treasure above all people:
for all the earth is mine:
Exodus 19:5

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Last evening I did what all grandparents love to do. I took one of my son’s four children out to the restaurant. What a great time I had as I saw them happily interacting with each other.

The oldest is a second mother to the younger ones. She helped them choose their dinner from the many offerings on the menu. When the youngest spilled some French fries on the floor she quickly got up and assisted him in cleaning things up. The second youngest said something so funny that her little brother went into hysterical laughter.

We were not the loudest table in the restaurant but we were likely the happiest. I was so glad to have this time with them and throughout the dinner I was asking this one and that about their plans for university, their favourite subjects at school and so on.

As I looked around at the other tables and the customers I felt the love for these four grandchildren swell in my heart. Of course, I wished everyone in the place a good evening, but I only paid for the bill at my table. These four young people are my special treasure above all the people I saw last night.

Our verse today speaks of God seeing His covenant people as His special treasure above all the nations on earth. What a privilege to be seen by God as His treasure!

When you look at the universe and all of its beauty and wealth of resources, what would move the heart of God to choose people on our insignificant planet to be beloved and treasured by Him? There is a dignity given to children of God that the world cannot give.

As far as the world is concerned we are nothing more than “trousered apes” as C.S. Lewis put it. We are little better than economic animals who are born, pass through existence, make a little money and then die like dogs. The world says that we do not have any lasting value whatever.

God looks upon His people as having infinite worth and loves with an everlasting love. He prepares a place for each one of His children to inhabit forever. He longs to be gracious to His people and provide them an eternal home in His presence.

Do you have this sense of your identity? Do you truly believe that the Creator of the heavens and earth has such a great interest in His creation? By reading the Gospels especially, we see the greatest act of love in all of history. God, in the form of Jesus, came into His own creation to live, die and be raised again, just so that He could draw to Himself a people as His eternal treasure.

All of us are invited to come and receive the forgiveness that is offered in Jesus. God calls on everyone to believe in His Son and have eternal life. Certainly God has a people He treasures. May God’s Spirit guide each of my readers into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. Once in that relationship you will learn just how much God has treasured you from all eternity.

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